Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Where is the challenger getting her money? And does Primo really care about running anymore?

Remember I told you about the woman who told Primo she was running against him in the primary? And how she and our former city councilman (AKA Not Running Again NRA) had decided that one of them would challenge Primo? And that NRA had invited Primo to like Challenger's facebook page?

(Primo did not do that.)

And that Challenger informed Primo that people were signing her nominating papers even though they had already signed his and that people didn't even know there was a primary to which I yelled at the wall in our house, "IT IS NOT PRIMO'S JOB TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOU YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ASK IF THEY HAVE ALREADY SIGNED FOR ANYONE!"

And did I tell you that Anti-Development guy had messaged a really good, very involved political friend of Primo's (let's call him Bob) thinking he was talking to Bob's wife, Jane, but unbeknownst to ADG, Bob and Jane share a facebook account and Bob has read everything that ADG has written to Jane, which Jane would have TOLD HIM ANYHOW, telling Jane that ADG doesn't like Primo because he wants someone who is anti-development, WHICH PRIMO IS!!!!!

And that ADG wanted another candidate?

So today, after Primo has spent the past ten days wondering if he even wants to run again because this is turning into a major pain in the neck and he is tired of being hit from his own side (See: Guy Who Thinks He Is Like Thomas Jefferson Does Not Like How Primo Is Campaigning), ADG messaged Jane again to tell her (i.e., to tell Bob) that THIS is his candidate and included a link to Challenger's newly-launched website.

And Primo wonders if ADG knows that Challenger is NRA's person. And that NRA is very pro-developer.

Which is why he does not like Primo.

Stay tuned.

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