Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The Big Developer Supporter tells Primo to quit suggesting there is a connection between Big Developer and The Challenger

Primo has been stating the facts about Big Developer Supporter and BDS's boss, the guy who spent $700K of his own money - well, his daddy's money - to defeat the anti-development forces in the recent elections.

He has been saying that,

1. BDS is endorsing Challenger and has not mentioned any other candidates by name.

2. BDS and BDS's boss support developing a property many of us do not want developed. (Think Central Park in New York City. It's not quite that, but close - it's one of the few undeveloped parcels of land in the metropolitan area and it's beautiful the way it is.)

3. Former City Councilman also has publicly endorsed Challenger.

4. FCC has strong ties to BDS's boss and is in favor of the development.

5. Challenger told Primo that either she or FCC were going to challenge Primo in the primary.

6. Therefore, there is a connection between BDS's boss and Challenger.

BDS sent an angry text to Primo to tell him to QUIT SAYING BDS's boss had recruited Challenger! And BDS was even LESS INCLINED TO SUPPORT PRIMO because Primo is spreading these awful rumors.

Us: Well, BDS might not have technically recruited Challenger, but his fingerprints are all over this.


  1. If I remember correctly, the pro-developer people are wanting to put a multi-family apt complex near you (which will NOT be good for your home values).

    If that gets built, will you sell & move? Or try to ride it out?

    It's a challenge to tangle with people who have so much $$ behind them. Those with sincere hearts and less $$ tend to get stomped on in those situations. The $$ people can buy almost anything.

    1. Yes, you do remember correctly! That project seems to be dead, but I am not sure. We are not in a position to sell and move right now, so I guess we would be stuck.

      And yeah - it sure seems like the people with the money run things.

  2. Stop pointing out facts! People might pay attention to them and draw the same conclusions!

  3. So, he wants Primo to stop pointing out the connection or he'll do... what? Stop supporting Primo? He wasn't supporting Primo *anyways*.

    1. "Oh no. You'll keep doing exactly what you've been doing. The horror. Not."