Sunday, June 26, 2016

In which I acknowledge the lack of drama in my life and admit that it makes for very poor reading

You guys, I know this blog has been dull, dull, dull lately.

Part of it is because Ted is leaving Primo alone (although that won't last long I'm sure).

Part of it is because the Sly and Doris-related drama has to do with Primo's nieces and nephews and whether he should release money to them or not. I say he should resign as trustee so he does not even have to deal with this stuff, but my words fall on deaf ears.

I don't write about my nieces and nephew and their requests because they are such nice kids and there is no malice in what they are doing and there is no reason to discuss them publicly. And they have not done anything wrong. They would like some financial help and they are shy about asking Primo directly for the money but he has made it clear that they, not their dad, need to do the asking, and once they get over their fear, they have done so.

I don't even know why they would be afraid to ask him for anything - there is nothing in their history for them ever to be afraid. He is the uncle who takes them bowling or plays Trivial Pursuit with them when he is in town, but maybe the money is making them a little weird?

They don't even know how much they have. They have not asked. The two older kids have been working since tenth grade and are very clearly prepared to make it on their own; the younger one has just graduated from high school and is figuring things out.

The other part of why I have not been writing is because Lord Have Mercy writing is work.

I stopped writing my other blog because I was getting too tired. And I have been taking a break on this one because I am lazy. That's the real truth. Even when I don't have anything to write about, I can write. But it's hard. And I am lazy.


I will be starting again soon. There is new Ted drama to come AND Primo is running for office again.

No. That was not in our wedding vows.

Either one, actually.

No Ted. No political campaigns.

Hmm. Do I get a do over?

In which Primo's Lovely Stepdaughter Number One Gets It and tries to help

March 22 at 5:04pm
Sweet [Primo's lovely stepdaughter #1] sent me this book. I think we all know whose life could be changed by this. Love that girl. xoxoxox (PS I am not the clutterer/hoarder)
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14Emmy, Ray  Daniel and 12 others
Stepdaughter  Ummmmm Lavern or Shirley??
LikeReply1March 22 at 5:11pm
Goldddigger Yeah, that's it!
LikeReply1March 22 at 5:20pm
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Gary  Those 20 year old utility bills bring him joy, bless his heart. Keep 'em.
UnlikeReply1March 22 at 5:25pm
Goldddigger  Stepdaughter, if anyone ever comes after you saying your tuition wasn't paid, send them to me. We got the receipts right here. smile emoticon
LikeReply1March 22 at 5:26pm
Goldddigger And we have junk mail. From the early 90s.
LikeReply1March 22 at 5:27pm
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Stephanie  Hmmmm.....I wonder who he takes after, should've been there for the total Main Street decluttering.....lololol
LikeReplyMarch 22 at 5:49pm
Goldddigger  Stephanie, that should have been dealt with by a house fire.
LikeReplyMarch 22 at 6:01pm
Stephanie Absolutely Goldddigger ....a huge bon fire to say the least
UnlikeReply1March 22 at 6:39pm
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Goldddigger  Me: Let's get rid of these two boxes of Brewery souvenir glasses! Primo: Noooo! Me: Let's get rid of this junk mail from 1992! Primo: Noooo! Me: Let's get rid of this huge bag of wine corks! Primo: Noooo! Me: Let's get rid of all these empty ...See More
LikeReply1March 22 at 7:35pmEdited
Susan Be careful! What if they bring him JOY? 
LikeReplyMarch 22 at 7:37pm
Stepdaughter Wow so nice to have motivated many to read this book BUT the person it was actually meant to help. Don't give up Goldddigger!
UnlikeReply1March 28 at 1:32pm

Primo I already had to clean out and sell a whole house last year! I need a break from that kind of work, I have other priorities right now, and I am no longer accumulating clutter. I'm only 50 and in good health. We're not moving anytime soon. I can deal with the old clutter sometime later.
LikeReplyMarch 28 at 4:07pm
Primo And our house is already MUCH LESS CLUTTERED than the one I had to clean out last year (and the one I grew up in). I've already made progress.
UnlikeReply3March 28 at 4:08pm
Stephanie I would hope so. After all, why would you ever want to go through that again. 
UnlikeReply2March 29 at 6:39pm

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

In which Primo just about passes out

I sent him this photo from my work trip (yes, our vacation is over). Then he was visiting some friends and noticed their toilet paper was not right, according to the Toilet Paper Hanging Doctrine of Primo.

He asked on facebook if he should correct the problem or leave it alone.

I was shocked at how many people - friends of his - thought it was perfectly OK to change the toilet paper in someone else's house.

It's not your house, people! You don't get to make the rules.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In which Bernice goes to the beach again

Bernice could not think of a better way to pass time than sitting on a beach with a book.

Monday, June 13, 2016

In which Harold and his cheapness start to get on Bernice's nerves

"Oh for pity's sake, Harold," Bernice snapped. "It's not like we can take it with us! Spend the gosh darn extra ten dollars a day and get the convertible!"