Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The Lady or the Tiger

Me: Oh. No.

Primo: What?

Me: [College roommate] posted a photo on facebook of her with [my college boyfriend]. It looks like he's wearing Birkenstocks.

Primo: So?

Me: It makes me think that perhaps, I made the right decision.

Primo: But Birkenstocks are good for people with foot problems.

Me: I don't care.

Primo: Would you rather have a man wearing Birkenstocks or a man who's a politician?

Me: Oh man. That's tough.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Primo asks The Upper House Woman Candidate if she is working with The Primary Challenger and UHW says NO!!!!!!!!

Me: Look what Challenger wrote about the fun run next week! She posted specifically about "Team Challenger and UHW!" She used THOSE EXACT WORDS!

Primo: And she is using UHW's promo code!

Me: UHW needs to shut this down!

Primo: She says she can't get involved.

Me: Does she even know about this? Is Challenger doing this with UHW's approval?

Primo: I don't know. Let me call her.


Primo: UHW didn't know about this.

Me: So is she going to ask Challenger to take it down?

Primo: She doesn't really think it's a problem.

Me: What? Is she stupid or is she oblivious?

Primo: I think she's nicer than we are. She's not stupid. I think she's just a bit - naive.

Me: By not saying anything, she is tacitly endorsing Challenger.

Primo: I know.

Me: I mean, I can see why Challenger would write this. I don't think she is acting with malice. I bet she just thinks, "Of course the women should run together! We ARE a team! We are The Women running for office in our district!" I don't think she has thought this through. But to anyone who reads this, it looks like UHW is siding with Challenger against you.

Primo: I know. I finally convinced her to talk to Challenger, but I don't know what will happen. She (UHW) just wants to stay above the fray on this.

Me: Nice for her.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The Big Developer Supporter tells Primo to quit suggesting there is a connection between Big Developer and The Challenger

Primo has been stating the facts about Big Developer Supporter and BDS's boss, the guy who spent $700K of his own money - well, his daddy's money - to defeat the anti-development forces in the recent elections.

He has been saying that,

1. BDS is endorsing Challenger and has not mentioned any other candidates by name.

2. BDS and BDS's boss support developing a property many of us do not want developed. (Think Central Park in New York City. It's not quite that, but close - it's one of the few undeveloped parcels of land in the metropolitan area and it's beautiful the way it is.)

3. Former City Councilman also has publicly endorsed Challenger.

4. FCC has strong ties to BDS's boss and is in favor of the development.

5. Challenger told Primo that either she or FCC were going to challenge Primo in the primary.

6. Therefore, there is a connection between BDS's boss and Challenger.

BDS sent an angry text to Primo to tell him to QUIT SAYING BDS's boss had recruited Challenger! And BDS was even LESS INCLINED TO SUPPORT PRIMO because Primo is spreading these awful rumors.

Us: Well, BDS might not have technically recruited Challenger, but his fingerprints are all over this.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Blogger has not been telling me about comments!

You guys, I promise I have not ignored your comments intentionally! Blogger has not been emailing me about comments. I usually write a bunch of posts all at once and then stay away for a week or two, checking comments on hotmail.

I don't know what's going on that blogger has decided to start keeping secrets from me.

While I try to fix that, tell me what this is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The Challenger posts repeatedly about The Senate Candidate Who Is Also A Woman

Remember the woman who wanted to challenge Primo in the primary - the one from last fall - and Primo convinced her to run for the state upper house instead, as there was not (and is still not) a declared party candidate for that seat?

Primo has invited her to every event he has hosted, has introduced her, and has given her a platform to speak. He has included her on his facebook page and mentions her repeatedly. He has helped her with campaigning.

UHW has refused to endorse Primo. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. If both UHW and Challenger were to win in November, they would have to work together. UHW needs to remain neutral so she can have good working relationships in the possible future.

But I don't like it.

The Challenger keeps mentioning Upper House Woman on her campaign page. Challenger speaks as if she and UHW are a team.

Me: Does UHW know about this? Has she endorsed Challenger?

Primo: I don't think so. I don't think she has endorsed Challenger.

Me: Then she needs to shut this down.

Primo: I have asked her. She says she just has to stay out of it.

Me: But Challenger is making it look like UHW is on her side! By doing nothing, UHW is letting it seem like she and Challenger are running together!

Primo: I know. But UHW won't do anything.

Me: This is so wrong.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: A big developer supporter tweets in support of The Challenger

The facts:

1. Primo has been heavily involved in state-level party politics for eight years.

2. The Challenger has not, to Primo's knowledge, ever attended a single party event in the district, in this county, or in the next county. (The district spans two counties.) Which is fine. There are no rules about who can run for office. OK, there are, but having attended events is not one of them.

3. The Big Developer Supporter is very active in state-level politics. His boss is very active. His boss spent a lot of money - $700K* - in the most recent election cycle trying to ensure development-friendly candidates were elected and, more importantly, development-unfriendly candidates were defeated.

4. Big Developer Boss has met Primo. They Do Not Agree on development.

5. There do not appear to be any intersections between BDS and BDSB and The Challenger.

Yet -

When The Challenger got a puff piece about her candidacy (more power to her - she is an excellent marketer) put in the paper, BDS tweeted it, along with a note that "Challenger is one of many bright new candidates!"

We have questions. How does BDS even know who Challenger IS? And why does he support her? BDS has been in our house for an event Primo hosted for another candidate. He knows Primo. He knows where Primo stands.

I guess he does not agree with Primo.

* When you inherit money, I guess it's like water. It seems free.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Why not just sight with the left eye?

Oh. Because then he would have to shoot left handed.

And he is right handed.

I hope I have not given you enough information to identify Primo in real life now.

The Candidate's Wife: Will he or won't he?

Primo: The Challenger hasn't posted anything on her facebook page since Thursday.

Me: Since the neighborhood event?

Primo: Yes.

Me: Hmmm.

Primo: Maybe she's intimidated.

Me: Maybe. You and [Next District Candidate] have a lot more gravitas than she does.

Primo: Definitely. [Next District Candidate] does for sure.

Me: Plus he's hot.

Primo: You think so?

Me: Yes. :)

Primo: He's a really interesting guy.

Me: Super accomplished. I always liked working with him.

Primo: Maybe she saw what real candidates look like and got scared.

Me: Maybe. You are both very accomplished and experienced and very thoughtful and knowledgeable about the issues.

Primo: Maybe I should finish collecting signatures.

Me: Maybe.

Primo: Just keep my options open.

Me: I think that's a good idea.

The Candidate's Wife: The turkeys are safe

Me: How was it?

Primo: It was fun! Except for the getting up at 6:00 a.m. part.

Me: What did you like? The quiet? The view? The hanging out?

Primo: It was pretty and it was nice hanging out with [neighbor]. He's a really nice guy.

Me: Except you didn't catch anything.

Primo: I discovered that even though I have really good vision, I can't use a gun scope easily because I can't close my left eye! I can only close my right eye.

[And as I write this, I wonder, "Then why not just sight with your left eye?" I will ask Primo, dear readers! Stay tuned!]

Friday, June 22, 2018

Th Candidate's Wife: Primo goes hunting

Tomorrow, our (very nice) neighbor is taking Primo hunting.

This will be interesting.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The Empress has no clothes

Me: How was it? How did it go? What did she say? What did you say? What happened?

Primo: Oh my gosh! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Me: What?

Primo: SHE'S A DITZ!!!

Me: But - her facebook page and her website are so polished!

Primo: Yes, but she is a horrible speaker!

Me: You were not a good speaker when you started, either.

Primo: No! It takes time! I mean, she comes across as a nice person and everything, but she sounded kind of - clueless.

Me: What do you mean?

Primo: It's not just that her speaking style isn't good. That's understandable. It's that she has no depth. She doesn't even know what she's talking about. She doesn't come across as serious or thoughtful.

Me: What did she talk about?

Primo: [Candidate from the next district*] and I spoke first. We are both deeply involved. I have been really involved with education issues. He's been the city council president for a few years. We both had a lot to talk about that gave us credibility - about what we want to accomplish and about what we have been involved in.

[*A federal prosecutor and is very active in our city politics - I know him from serving on a board with him for a few years. He is very smart, very knowledgeable, and has a ton of gravitas. Just like Primo.]

Me: OK. What did she say?

Primo: She didn't have much! She cited attending a town hall that [our congressman] conducted - the one where they had the videotape of him being cranky - as her involvement! She was in the tape protesting.

Me: Wait. She used attending a congressional town hall as an example of her political involvement?

Primo: Yes.

Me: But - I have been to several town halls. I don't think that constitutes deep involvement.

Primo: Nope.

Me: Not that I think you have to be deeply involved. I think it's OK for people to run, even as novices. Everyone has to start somewhere. And I honestly don't want professional politicians.

Primo: Nope. Other guys in the legislature are desperate - this is their job - it's the only thing they know how to do.

Me: Not you.

Primo: Nope. And yeah - it's OK for someone to be new. I was new. But I'm the one they know in this district. I'm the one who can win in November.

Me: The [other side] would eat her lunch!

Primo: I know. There's no way she could be in a serious debate.

Me: I never expected this plot twist.

Primo: Me neither! Maybe this is just a few people from the neighborhood? If it's [Big Political Figure] backing her, it's really insulting! If BPF did recruit someone to run against me, it's kind of offensive that they would pick someone so insubstantial.

The Candidate's Wife: Primo is tormented about confronting his challenger

Primo: I've been invited to a candidate forum tonight.

Me: Are you going?

Primo: I should. I need to see her speak. But I don't even know if I want to run. It's been so nice this past week not campaigning. We could have our life back!

Me: I know. But I don't want you to regret anything. And I don't want you to withdraw from the race because you are scared of her. It's OK not to want to run or to be a legislator but I think you would regret withdrawing from fear.

Primo: It's not that I'm scared of her; it's that I am so tired of the BS. I ran before because someone had to run. But now, if someone else wants to do it, fine. I don't care. I don't have to have this. I've had my career. I don't need this to pay the bills. I don't need this bullshit from her or from other people in my own party.

Me: I will support whatever you want to do.

Primo: I have to know, but I don't want to deal with her or with Not Running Again.

Me: He's a jerk.

Primo: Maybe I should just go to this other event.

Me: Maybe.

Primo: But I want to see what she says.

Me: So go.

Primo: I don't want to speak. But I would have to. How do I talk about how I am the best candidate if I am not even sure I'm running?

Me: You ARE the best candidate. You ARE the person better positioned to win in November. You have been involved in trying to make things better for the people in our district for eight years. You're the one who's been in it since the beginning, not the one who shows up only when there is a chance for your party to win.

Primo: I am.

Me: You could just hit your talking points and ignore her.

Primo: I could.

Me: You talk about how you've been here from the start and how your numbers have gone up in each election and you have the name recognition and are the one who can beat the other party.

Primo: What if she says something about me when she talks?

Me: You don't address anything she says. You stick to your script. You don't let yourself get distracted.

Primo: But what if she brings up the highway construction?

[She has copied parts of Primo's platform word for word, including his bits about transportation funding.]

Me: Then you ignore her. People who know you know this has been in your platform from the beginning. You have been writing about it for months now. Here's what you do - you talk about how the district has not been winnable since 2010, when the lines were re-drawn, but that you have been in it since then, fighting for the people of [the state], speaking at public hearings, protesting, whatever. Because she is going to say, "Why should you vote for this middle-aged guy who has lost three elections? It's time for someone new, blah blah blah."

Primo: She won't say that!

Me: She would if I were coaching her.

Primo: Why?

Me: Because those are your perceived weak points and that's where I would have her attack you! You have run three times and have not won. You need to make sure people understand that the district has not been winnable until now - that even the incumbent [who was from Primo's party] wouldn't run again after the re-districting.

Primo: You think she would say that?

Me: I would tell her to. I would also tell her to hit the woman and mom thing hard. Which means you have to make sure to refer to [his stepdaughters and grandchildren]. People think that people without children don't have a stake in the future. You do have children. You have grandchildren. You talk about public education and college costs and say that you were able to pay to send your two stepdaughters to college but you worry that college is becoming unaffordable and that it might not be so easy for your grandchildren to go. You just mention them - don't make a big deal of it - but get it into the conversation that you have kids.

Primo: OK.

Me: Stick to your script. Don't let her throw you. Ignore what she says. You can do this. You really are the better candidate.

Primo: People who I thought were my friends are supporting her.

Me: That just means they are better friends with her. And it's just four people, right?

Primo: What if I see NRA?

Me: You give him the cut direct.

Primo: I pretend I don't see him?

Me: Exactly.

Primo: I just act like he's not there?

Me: Yes.

Primo: What if he talks to me?

Me: Cordial response, look past his shoulder, say, "Excuse me, I have to talk to whoever."

Primo: I don't like him.

Me: He's a jerk.

Primo: This whole thing has me so stressed out.

Me: I know, baby. It's hard.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Where is the challenger getting her money? And does Primo really care about running anymore?

Remember I told you about the woman who told Primo she was running against him in the primary? And how she and our former city councilman (AKA Not Running Again NRA) had decided that one of them would challenge Primo? And that NRA had invited Primo to like Challenger's facebook page?

(Primo did not do that.)

And that Challenger informed Primo that people were signing her nominating papers even though they had already signed his and that people didn't even know there was a primary to which I yelled at the wall in our house, "IT IS NOT PRIMO'S JOB TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT YOU YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ASK IF THEY HAVE ALREADY SIGNED FOR ANYONE!"

And did I tell you that Anti-Development guy had messaged a really good, very involved political friend of Primo's (let's call him Bob) thinking he was talking to Bob's wife, Jane, but unbeknownst to ADG, Bob and Jane share a facebook account and Bob has read everything that ADG has written to Jane, which Jane would have TOLD HIM ANYHOW, telling Jane that ADG doesn't like Primo because he wants someone who is anti-development, WHICH PRIMO IS!!!!!

And that ADG wanted another candidate?

So today, after Primo has spent the past ten days wondering if he even wants to run again because this is turning into a major pain in the neck and he is tired of being hit from his own side (See: Guy Who Thinks He Is Like Thomas Jefferson Does Not Like How Primo Is Campaigning), ADG messaged Jane again to tell her (i.e., to tell Bob) that THIS is his candidate and included a link to Challenger's newly-launched website.

And Primo wonders if ADG knows that Challenger is NRA's person. And that NRA is very pro-developer.

Which is why he does not like Primo.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: Primo's own party criticizes him and he thinks, Really, guys? and - I love him but politics is not for people who expect niceness

To which I say, "You know this is what life would be like every single day if you became a legislator? That people in your own party will be pissed at you if you don't toe the party line every single time? That you will face criticism from within the party unless you do exactly what they tell you to do?"

What did Primo do to make The Legislator Who Compared Himself to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison upset?

(Sort of compared himself, but Primo's campaign manager nodded sagely when I told him the story of how Legislator wondered why I didn't help Primo campaign and how our Founding Fathers were not citizen legislators. CM said, "Yeah, he does that.")

Primo went to a teacher protest.

A union leader posted a photo on facebook about the protest and wrote he wondered why more legislators from the school district had not attended the protest.

Primo commented that he had wondered the same thing.

As soon as Primo told me that, I thought, "Oh no. That - was not wise."

But Primo does not read behind the lines and takes everything at face value and he says what he means and doesn't do passive-aggressive.

So he was just wondering.

That's all.

But - ouch.

"You - sort of - called them all out," I said.

He was bewildered. "But I just wondered! And then Legislator Who Is Not Thomas Jefferson got really mad and sent me a message and copied a lot of the other legislators."

Me: Ignore him. Campaign Manager says he's a punk and he's right.

Primo: But I wasn't trying to insult him!

Me: Yeah. I know. But - I can see why he might take it that way.

Primo: But I would never insult him like that! Not on purpose!

Me: Perhaps in the future, it might be a good idea not - to make that kind of comment. People can take it wrong.

Primo: Campaign Manager thinks I need to apologize.

Me: He's right. You didn't intentionally harm him, but man - there is nothing to make people as angry as being called on something when they are wrong. He knows he should have been there or otherwise supported it and he's stung because what you said was true. Still, you need to apologize.

Primo: I don't want to.

Me: I know.

Primo: And then he wrote that he doesn't like how I am campaigning.

Me: It's not his campaign.

Primo: He's making me mad.

Me: You need to ignore him.

Primo: I can't!

Me: You know that this is what it will be like all the time if you win, right? You know this is what politics is like. You're used to facts. Politics is not about facts. It's not about doing the right thing. It's about alliances and making deals and stabbing people in the back.

Primo: But - I want to do the right thing!

Me: Then maybe you should go back to engineering.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Candidate's Wife: The primary challenger is very worried about dividing the neighborhood, to which I say, Then why are you running?

The law here is that you can sign the nominating petition for only one candidate for the office. Even if there are people running from both parties, you can sign only one petition.


You can sign only one petition.

If you sign more than one petition for the same position, your signature will be invalidated on all petitions and will not count for anyone.

So Primo's volunteers, although they did not mention the primary, did ask if people had signed any nominating petitions.

Because it's really not a primary-specific question - even if Primo were unopposed, someone from the other party could have asked the person to sign.

Primo's volunteers discovered that some people had already signed the challenger's petition, but there did not seem to be a coordinated, organized approach to getting signatures.

(Primo pays to use the party database, which indicates who has voted in which elections and has a measure, if known, of where the person is on the political spectrum. We use the lists to decide, block by block, which doors should be knocked.)

Primo's opponent texted him this morning:

I want to let you know that we have had numerous reports while collecting signatures that people who signed your clipboards did not know there's a primary, and that they didn't know they could only sign for one of us so they signed for both. Since that nullifies those signatures, I thought you should know the volunteers didn't seem to understand that. My people halted that whenever possible so that your signatories didn't sign ours and negate your signatures. We sure wouldn't want to end up with duplicate signatures so I wanted to let you know.


Apparently, the challenger's volunteers did not know to ask if someone had already signed.

Which is the correct process.

But no - why on earth would Primo volunteer that there is a primary? The primary is not relevant to any of this. Primo has to collect signatures whether or not there is a primary.

Primo and his volunteers asked if people had already signed. They know quite well that multiple signatures render the duplicates void.

That's all you need to ask.