Sunday, November 7, 2010

In which I find out three years later that Ted was an even bigger jerk than I thought

You didn't think the Ted story was over, did you? Oh no! There is more.

Fast forward to a few years later. Two or three. I can't remember. I am organizing yet another alumni party. I do this once a year. The alumni office sends the invitations; I collect the RSVPs. Yes, I know that "RSVP" isn't really a word, but you guys know what I mean.

As I cannot exactly tell the alumni office not to invite Ted, he gets an invitation.

And he emails his response to me.

His email address has changed from to

What is the next logical step? What would any normal scorned woman do?

This scorned woman goes to, which turns out to be - as one might expect - the website for Ted's marriage to Sue.

Who's Sue?

Oh just a woman he mentioned to me many times.

Whom he saw frequently when he made eight-hour drives to attend church events. Where Sue just happened to be.

Who was "just a friend."

Which should have made me suspicious because Ted and I were "just friends" and as we saw, Ted had a rather elastic definition of "friend."

In the section about how they met and became engaged blah blah blah was the fascinating news that they had met in 1998 and started dating in the fall of 2000.

Which is the same time when he and I were "just friends."

You can do the math.

Yes yes yes yes.

He was dating Sue at the same time he was telling me we were NOT DATING but maybe in the future he and I could have a relationship, that there was "potential."

A bullet dodged, I think.


  1. He'll pop back up somehow when Sue divorces him.

  2. Lordy...he sounds like my ex-husband who kept telling me about this wonderful junior executive assistant of his. Then he starts staying out all night "with the guys", etc., etc. After the divorce, who does he immediately take up with? You got it...Miss Junior Exec.

    You did dodge the bullet, for sure. And I especially like that term "elastic definition."

  3. Wow. You are amazingly lucky that that one didn't work out! Just discovered your blog today and I've wasted quite a bit of time diving in. Thanks for your amazing tales!

  4. Wow. I survived my own Ted and oddly became great friends with the rest of his family. One of the most satisfying moments I've ever experienced was when his bro and SIL planned a surprise party for their mom and my (wonderful beloved) husband and I were invited. My Ted had lived out of the country for years and it didn't even occur to me he would be there. Hubs and I entered the restaurant and there were only a few people there so far. A guy approached me with his hand out and said "Hello, pq!" I took his hand, but the fact that I had no idea who he was was apparently crystal clear on my face, and he said "It's [Ted]." Oh my, it's [Ted]! I introduced him to my (fabulous irreplaceable) husband and then went to talk to some others whom we knew. Hubs asked me whether [Ted] looked that different. No, in fact he looked exactly the same as he had 10 years before. He was just that far off my radar. And after I'd spent literally 2 or 3 years pining for him back in the day. I WIN.

  5. pq, HA! You do win!

    Ms Mindless, I'm glad you were here.

    Ima June - oh dear. Has he started cheating on her, too?

    Richard, I don't care if he does pop up again. I would never want him now.


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