Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday May 22 Writing the candidate bio

After I made some suggested edits to Primo's campaign biography, including changing a sentence that

His mother was appointed by [this person]


[This person] appointed his mother,

Primo insisted on discussing the change.

Primo: Why did you make this change?

Me: Because I don't like passive voice.

Primo: But I think it sounds better like this.

Me: Fine. Then don't make my change. I told you it was stylistic.

Primo: But I don't understand why you want to make this change.

Me: I told you. I don't like passive voice.

Primo: But your way emphasizes the person and not my mother.

Me: Whatever. I don't care. Do it your way.

Primo: But why don't you like my way?

Me: I told you! I don't like passive voice. It doesn't matter what I think. You get to decide. It's about you. If you don't like my change, then don't make it.

Primo: No! We have to discuss this. I have to understand.

Me: What part of "I don't like passive voice" don't you get?

Primo: Why don't you like it?

Me: Why does it matter? Do it your way!

Primo: It matters. I want to understand why.

Me: Is there anything I could say that would change your mind?

Primo: Maybe. I think we need to come to an agreement on this.

Me: No! We don't! If you don't like it my way, then don't do it my way! I don't care! We don't have to agree!

Primo: I want to convince you.

Me: FINE! I'M CONVINCED! Could we move on, please?


  1. How about, "because the AP stylesheet says to avoid the passive voice if you possibly can. Active voice makes a stronger statement."

    if it (APS) does not say it that clearly, it should!

    1. Ha! Where were you when I needed you, Webb?

  2. I was always taught to avoid the passive voice. Also, I am certain Primo is a wonderful person, but arguments like this make me want to become a spousal abuser.

    1. Mrs M, it is fights like this that make me remember my single days with great happiness. Who cares if I agree with him on it? It's his campaign - he can run it any way he wants! I don't care!


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