Sunday, August 17, 2014

In which Doris tells Primo that I don't need to "prove" myself by riding my bike to work

Primo had his weekly call with Sly and Doris today. He has to call before 4:00 because they start drinking at 4:00 and

1. do not answer the phone
2. are too drunk to remember they have spoken to Primo so he doesn't get any credit for the call

But he called at 2:00 and they told him they were busy watching tennis and would have to call him later.

I guess it doesn't matter that Primo might not be able to talk later.

They called him back, eventually, as Primo was ironing his shirts.

No, he is not asking me to iron any more.

Which is a smart move, because I am not inclined to be too supportive with the ironing these days.

Have I mentioned how much I hate politics? And how I never ever ever wanted to be a political spouse?

I really do think there should be an escape clause in wedding vows that you get a do-over if your spouse suddenly decides to make a huge midlife change to get into politics.

Primo told them he was busy - about to go to a campaign event - which you would think they would support as their entire life is politics and talking about how Old White Men are Ruining Things. I guess they have not noticed that Sly is an Old White Man.

But he spoke to them for a few minutes. Told them about my new job and that I am riding my bike to work.

I am riding my bike to work because

1. The bus does not go to the new office
2. I hate driving
3. I want to forestall any discussion of buying another car
4. It's good exercise and by God, I want to be in shape just once before I die.

Doris told Primo that it is not "necessary" for me to "prove myself" by riding a bike to work.

I asked Primo what she thinks I am trying to prove and to whom but he had no idea.

Should I mention this to her in my next letter to her?


  1. No, don't mention it. She didn't say it directly to you and why engage her in another futile conversation in which she won't agree to disagree?

  2. What letter to her? Who are you kidding? Am very proud of you for doing this, tho. Cycling to work is good for the environment and great for the hips! I tried to do it some years ago - when the hips were smaller and i was in better shape - and the building nazi refused to allow me to bring my bike up one floor to our storage unit. He wanted me to chain it to a sign in the back alley, where it would have lasted one day .... maybe. Glad you have found a way to do it.


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