Sunday, September 28, 2014

In which I come up with a solution

  • Me

    [Cat #1] is naught!


    Last night I was in kind of a cranky mood because I was filing and updating paperwork and then paying my ER bills

    She was whining and whining and whining and she would NOT SHUT UP

    and I sort of understood how some parents can be driven to abuse their children

    I was busy and she wanted me to drop everything to put her outside

    but I knew as soon as I put her out she would want to come in
  • Primo

    Sometimes she stays out for a long time.

    She wants what she wants. She's a cat.

    She knows that whining usually works.
  • Me

    and she kept going into the sink to lick the silverware I had used
  • Primo

    And she barfed up her breakfast yesterday.
  • Me

    you had to clean it up

  • Primo

    Is having cats not worth it?
  • Me


    is having a wife not worth it?

    you sure deal with a lot of hassle

  • Primo

    If only you were a good wife.

    My parents don't approve.

  • Me

    you shouldn

    t have married me

    tell them they were right

    that you are divorcing me

  • Primo

    I didn't do it right.

  • Me

    that would solve all our problems!

    they wouldn't know it's a lie

    because they will never visit us again!

    tell them we are getting divorced! It is the perfect solution!

  • Primo

    Yeah, but then I'd have to lie to them about everything.

  • Me


    then they would stop complaining

  • Primo

    They'd find something else to complain about.

  • Me

    you think?

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