Thursday, November 6, 2014

In which Primo wastes more time on the grammar of the campaign facebook posts

This stuff writes itself.

  • Primo
  • This campaign thing is stressful. [Campaign manager] wants us to work on statements for posting on social media at the last minute. I was up late last night and distracted again this morning. His ideas are good, but his grammar is not so good. Then [communications manager] and [social media person] get involved, and there are too many cooks!

  • Me

    You don't have time for the tiny details!
  • [Social media person] needs to be in charge!

  • Primo 
  • [Social media person] is in charge for the most part, but [communications manager] has good ideas and there is some clashing. Then we argue about silly stuff. [Communications manager] wanted to start a sentence with "But," and I said that it was better to tie two sentences together with a comma followed by "But." Then she thought the sentence was too long, so she wanted to put in a period and start the next sentence with "However." I said that was lazy writing, and of course she thought I was calling her lazy!

  • Primo: I finally stopped fighting that battle.

  • Me 
  • Yeah - let that stuff go. It's not worth losing sleep over (literally!).

  • Primo

    "Guide" should have been singular, of course.
  • I found a modern style guides that says it's OK to start a sentence with "However" (at least in informal writing) because everyone knows that it means "Nevertheless."

  • Me

    I mean, of course you are right on all this stuff -

    but is it truly worth losing sleep over?
  • OK - you really are wasting too much time on this!

  • Primo

    If it were up to me, we'd post half as many things but they would be of better quality.
  • But the details are important.

  • Me
  • :)

  • Primo I had to spend most of the time. [Campaign manager's] writing needed to be fixed. We didn't waste too much time on the "But" and "However."

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  1. Funny as he is ... the real problem is a generational one. Since I am older than you ... i can say that. Social media is still a mystery to those over 40 - especially its use for marketing. Primo would have been better to just let it go and pretend that it was written in Chinese and let the person who speaks Chinese (social media person) do it. Facebook was not going to influence any voter in "our" age group and the under 30's couldn't care less. As the world turns to the new media streams, we just have to let it go or we end up pushing that boulder uphill all day just to have it roll down at night.


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