Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In which the wife of Primo's opponent breaks her leg and Primo's campaign team tells him he is the one who has to issue a statement

The wife of Primo's opponent - the wife of the congressman - has broken her leg. Just hit the news. I sent an email to Primo saying that maybe someone should post something on his campaign facebook page - something along the lines of, "We are all thinking about the congressman's wife and hope she has a quick recovery."

He agreed, then noted that his social media person had sent him the same news and suggestion.

A few minutes later, he came downstairs, all grumpy.

"They're telling me it has to come from me! That I have to write the statement! And that I have to send a personal note to the congressman!"

"What?!" I replied, perplexed.

"I don't have time for this! I have gotten hardly any work done today. I need to go to the school board meeting tonight!"

He stomped.

(Primo stomps. I guess it's better than putting a fist through the wall. He stomps. He tells me he tries really hard not to be like his dad, who is a yeller and did punch Primo once when Primo was a 98-pound weakling teenager and Sly was a 210-pound weightlifter.)

(I really do not like Sly.)


I agreed - "They do need to do this for you."

"I called [campaign manager] but I can't reach him. I have work to do!"

He stomped back upstairs. I microwaved some chicken with pine nuts and walnuts from the Spain section of my Cooks Illustrated Best International Food cookbook and sat down to eat and read my Time-Life Spain cookbook. I need to make garlic soup. And caldo gallego. And flan. I love food.

He came back downstairs. "[Campaign manager] sent me something, but it has a grammatical error in it and he mentions the word 'prayer.'"

I laughed. "Does he not know that you don't pray?"

"It's pandering to talk about prayer if I don't pray," Primo said. "I'm not going to do it."

"Why don't I draft something?" I suggested.

"Maybe," Primo said. "You know how I am - I will agonize over a 15-word statement."

Oh yes I know how he is. It takes him forever to compose an email to his best friend telling him what time our flight arrives so P can pick us up.

So I draft a quick statement. This is not hard.

I am saddened at the news about Congressman X's wife. No matter what political differences we might have, we all love our families and want nothing but good health for them. I am wishing Mrs. X a quick and painless recovery.

The main purpose of this note is for the followers of Primo's campaign facebook page to know that he is not a jerk. Period.

I think it should be all over. We'll see how long Primo agonizes over it. I am glad I am not such a perfectionist. I think it makes life really hard.

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