Thursday, March 5, 2015

In which Primo and I conduct an analysis of all the time that was wasted because he went to a forum presented by the League of Concerned Women

1. Primo had to drive me to work the morning of the forum because it was raining and I couldn't ride my bike. It took him 30 minutes to take me there and 30 minutes to get home.

2. I had to take the bus home instead of driving myself or riding my bike. Because the bus runs only every two hours by my new office, I had to stay at work an hour late.

3. Primo had to drive 47 miles to get to the forum.

4. But first he had to spend the day doing research on issues he might need to address. People who don't have People to do their research and prep work and People who have real jobs don't just know all this stuff by heart: they have to read and read and read and that means they don't get their paying work done which means they stay up late or work on weekends.

5. Once he got to the forum, the Concerned Women told him that because his opponent had not appeared, Primo would not be allowed to answer any questions. But yes please he could stay for the two hours of the forum.

6. Primo drove 47 miles home.

Total hours lost:

1. 30 minutes plus 30 minutes
2. One hour plus the time I had to wait for the bus plus the time walking home from the bus stop
3. One hour
4. Four hours
5. Two hours
6. One hour

Total hours lost: At least ten.

Thank you, League of Concerned Women. We will not be doing business with you again.


  1. So two people are invited, both accept (presumably), but only one person turns up... and you penalise the person who actually made the effort?

    And people actually *trust* this organisation to guide their voting preferences? Wow.

    1. I KNOW!!!! They definitely did not do it right.

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