Saturday, April 11, 2015

In which Primo doesn't want to kiss me

Primo: I can't kiss you! You're all germy.

Me: Oh for pete's sake. It's a cold. (But not a Man Cold.)

Primo: I can't get sick!

Me: It's not like you kiss me anyhow.

Primo: What? I kiss you!

Me: Nah. Not like before. It's all gotten kind of perfunctory.

Primo: What do you mean?

Me: Oh you know. We have a little pattern - a routine.

Primo: Are you saying our love life is boring?

Me: Well. Sort of.

Primo: What - you want to have an affair to spice things up?

Me: Are you crazy? The last thing I need is something else to suck away my precious free time.


  1. Gold Digger: I found your blog from a comment at Ask a Manager and have had a wonderful time reading it from the very beginning. I usually just lurk on the internet, but your last sentence made me laugh so loud both my kids came running to see "what's so funny"... so I just had to tell you thank you for sharing your story in such a delightful way.

    1. Thank you, Heather! I am always glad to make someone laugh!