Thursday, May 21, 2015

In which Primo and some of his comrades plot to change - not overthrow - the party

You guys, I keep thinking there is nothing more to tell but guess what? The drama just keeps coming.

1. Primo might not want to run for the county government after all. I don't blame him. It would not be fun work and the county representatives do not seem to get a lot of appreciation.

2. Primo is at a meeting right now with a grassroots organization that did a lot of work on his campaign. The leader is a super nice lady - Renee- whom I really like. She is so sincere and so sweet. I think I may have told you - but perhaps I did not - that the local party apparatchik tried to take over her group - which she had founded - to do the party's will. The party's group the next town over - the group that had fired the drunk/scabies guy, was not going well and the party wanted to use  Renee's group to pick up the slack. But Renee and her group had already made their plans. The party tried to order Renee to do what they wanted and she told them to go to heck.

They are having a meeting tonight - Renee, Primo, MaryJane, a few of the other local activists - to talk about their next steps. They are considering splitting off to form their own group so they can work on reforming the party. There is some unhappiness with the way the elections turned out and of course blame is being assigned, as is proper, because that is the first step. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to cut people out of photographs, otherwise I am sure the scissors would have come out along with the long knives.

They want to reform the party and get rid of the current leadership and I wish them well.

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  1. If I didn't already love your blog, which I sincerely hope you turn into a book someday, this clip would have sealed the deal. Komerad!


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