Thursday, June 4, 2015

In which I am reminded once again that I am married to an engineer

A commenter on one of my favorite blogs, Ask A Manager, said this about rituals with her husband. Information you should have:

1. Primo and I do not go to bed at the same time. If I had my way, the lights would be out at 9 every night. I try to have lights out by 10, but that usually involves discussion with Primo, who is obsessed with our actually saying goodnight and I don't care. I just want to sleep.
2. I hate being cold. It's cold where we live. We have an old house that costs an arm and a leg to heat, so if it's cold outside, it is also cold inside.

My husband and I have implemented a “Naked Curfew”.
We realized that we would often sit at our computers, reading forums or playing games until we were exhausted, then we would fall into bed and go to sleep.
We talked about wanting to spend more quality time together and came up with the idea of a ten o’clock naked curfew. We don’t need to go to sleep, but the clothes come off at ten, so we had better be in our rooms.
We usually put a tv show on in our bedroom and give each other back rubs while discussing our day and plans for the week. Sometimes the back rubs lead to other things, sometimes they don’t, but we always enjoy the relaxing touch and the time together.

I immediately messaged the idea to Primo. It went like this.
  • Primo
  • Is this something you want to do?
  • Me

  • Primo

    We can consider it. But you like to go to bed much earlier, and that probably wasn't the case for the couple in that story.
  • Me

    It is not about the bedtime!
  • Primo

    Being naked might be a problem for you when it's cold!

    But it could be a nice idea, at least on some days.


  1. My husband works in the food service industry. So I got used to him not being home at night until 1 or 2 AM. I really can't fall asleep if he's home and decides he's coming to bed with me at 10 PM. It's too disruptive to my routine. And I want to murder him if he comes in at 10:30 PM, just as I've fallen lightly asleep. Because that will jar me and make me wide awake for the next 2 hours.

    1. I treasure sleep more than I treasure anything else, including sex.

    2. Oh my goodness, yes.

      On nights when my husband is going to be out late, and then unexpectedly comes home early, I'm all "ARGH. YOU EFFED UP MY ROUTINE!! NOW I WON'T SLEEP FOR ANOTHER TWO HOURS!"

      I love him, but man, I have a different routine for he's-home-bedtime and I'm-alone-bedtime!

    3. Connie-Lynne, when he goes out (which he does without me, because I hate crowds, I hate bars, and I hate going out), he will sometimes wait until after 10 to leave, which totally spoils it for me! I just want him out of the house so I can SLEEP.


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