Monday, August 31, 2015

In which I wonder if the hospital where Doris is being treated was designed by the same people who designed Charles de Gaulle airport, ie, people who never gave one thought to the passengers/patients

Let me summarize. I might not have all the activities on the right days, but you will get the idea.

Thursday night: Sly falls on Doris and injures her. She goes to the ER. They check her left knee, which is the one that is swollen, find nothing, send her home.

Monday night: Primo arrives and discovers Doris is completely immobile and in great pain.

Tuesday morning: Primo sees no alternative to calling an ambulance, as he cannot get Doris into a car by himself. Hospital admits Doris because she is dehydrated. They check her knee again and check her hip

Wednesday: Ooops! Wrong knee! And what about her back? Did Sly break her back?

Thursday: Wait - something wrong with the right knee, too!

Friday: But we still need to check the left knee again. We are waiting.

Saturday: And we still need to check the left knee again. We are waiting.

Sunday: More analysis of left knee - oh! yeah! bad stuff on left knee. Have to do surgery.

Monday: No surgery without medical clearance. Fluid in her lungs, so need to take care of that. Pneumonia? Just excess fluid? Who knows? In the meantime, Doris has not eaten since midnight the night before.

Tuesday: Has to pass heart test. Delay in getting test. Finally get test but nobody at the hospital to read it any more. They finally tell Doris she might as well eat.

Wednesday (today): Heart guy wants a stress test before he signs off. Ooops. Looks like Doris has heart problems. Surgery could be risky. Doris trying to decide what to do.


  1. what a fire drill. I agi e hoe much worse it would have been without priMO there to be her advocate ... and you to coachoose him.

    1. Oh man you are so right. Sly was completely incompetent.

  2. How do you do a stress test when you can't stand up. Although nothing here makes good sense with the inlaws. Feel for you both.

    1. Maybe they just hook her up and tell her that her daughter in law is eating bacon? :)

    2. Actually you can do a chemical stress test. They give you an injection that causes your heart to react. I had this many years ago.


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