Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In which Sly and Doris discover that the joy is in the little things

Primo talked to Sly and Doris today. Sly is not going to physical therapy. They are annoyed that their cleaning lady is not helping them more.

"But they haven't asked her to do anything, right?" I asked.

"Right," Primo answered.

"But they're still annoyed at her."


"Like when they wanted Jack [Primo's half brother] to offer to help but they were not going to ask him and they were all mad."

"Yes. Oh. Jack can't help them this week - they think - because his mom is visiting."

Sly and Doris hate Sly's first wife, the woman he abandoned when their two boys were both under five years old. Because she was so evil that she had to be abandoned, you see.

"Anyhow, my mom said that the weather there is really crummy but at least it's crummy while [Jack's mom] is there, so it's not a total loss."

"She really said that?"


I shook my head. "Every time I think I seen the depths of pettiness from your mom and dad, something new comes along. Your parents are actually taking pleasure in the fact that [Jack's mom] might not be having a nice time because the weather is bad?"


What do you say to that?


  1. Whew! Finally made it and read the entire blog archives - I want to commend you on being an absolute saint. I sincerely hope Primo knows he has the most awesome wife on the planet :)

  2. He DOES have the most awesome wife! Thank you, Cathy. :)


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