Sunday, March 6, 2016

In which Primo brings me more of Doris' clothes to wear

1. Ted still has not answered Primo's email telling him that Primo will not be setting up the trusts until 2016. (I am writing this on Nov 1, 2015)

2. We also had this conversation coming home from the airport:

Primo: I found more of my dad's sex diary.

Me: I thought you shredded that!

Primo: There was more.

Me: Like - a completely new volume?

Primo: I couldn't be sure - it was pages that were mixed in with other things.

Me: Did you read it?

Primo: Just enough to realize what it was. I took a bunch of papers to UPS to shred them, but I did these at home.

Me: Gross.

3. He brought me one of his mom's silk scarves. To him, it is just something pretty that he thought I would like. To me - I can't even. I love that man - maybe this is a woman thing?


  1. I'd be afraid that scarf was used during sex.

    1. Oh God. I hadn't even thought of that. Gag.

    2. Sorry Goldie, but that made me crack up! Hehehe

  2. Well, at least the scarf was silk and not poly. If I liked the pattern, I'd be happy, but from your history with Doris, I'm guessing it's not at all your style. Primo should have texted you a photo for approval before bringing it home....

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  4. Doris' clothes would have bad juju!
    You'd only wear her scarf if you loved her and wanted to keep her memory close...and that's not the case!


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