Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ch 1 The apple does not fall far from the tree? Should I reconsider a future with a man who might grow into his parents’ collecting habits? Do I dare risk a collection of pigs?

Now that I have seen his parents’ house, this scene, which occurred last month at Primo’s place, makes more sense.

Me: Are you through with those newspapers?

There is a pile a foot high stacked on the shelf next to his TV.

Primo: No. Why?

Me: Because it's a ton of papers and it looks bad.

Primo: If the pile outgrows the space, then it's reason for concern. But if it fits into the available space and it's in a neat pile, then what's the problem?

Me: They're old newspapers. Nobody reads old newspapers. You don’t have a fireplace. You are not moving. Why do you need them?

Primo: I don’t know. I might.

Me: I doubt it. You should put them in the recycling.

Primo: You don't think a neat pile is an acceptable resolution of a big mess, do you?

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