Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ch 11 I tell Doris I am lucky to be with Primo

Me: Wow. It sure is taking Primo a long time to fix your computer.

Doris: I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Me: He’s spent four hours on it. Do you know what that would cost if you had to pay someone?

Doris: No.

Me: A lot.

Doris: Oh.

Me: He is very good at fixing things. I sure am lucky to have him.

Doris: Yes you are!

At my friend Rebecca’s we breakfast, she, her fiancé, her family, his family, and I had sat together. The fiancé’s mother had raved about what a great catch her son was.

“He’s a doctor! He was a pilot in the Navy! Blah blah blah! Rebecca is soooo lucky to be marrying him!”

This went on and on.

Finally, I said, “Scott is pretty lucky to be marrying Rebecca, too. She has been my friend for years and she is wonderful.”

I glared at Scott’s mom as I said it. Honestly. She was just rude.

Me: He's lucky to be have me.





Doris: OK.

Me: Doris! He's damn lucky to be have me!





Doris: Yes. Because you appreciate him.

Me (on Day What – Three? Of Migraine?): No, Doris. It's a lot more than that.

But in her extremely modest defense, I have met Sly. That man is death to happiness.

Still. Would it have been that hard to be just a wee bit enthusiastic?

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