Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday May 28 Preparing for my job interview

I'm preparing for my job interview this week. I already went to my favorite consignment store - the ones in rich neighborhoods are the best, because rich ladies wear their clothes once or twice and then get rid of them - and found a black skirt and white blouse. None of my suits fit any more. It wouldn't matter if they did: they are no longer in style. I think a plain, simple outfit will be fine. The big dilemma: hose or no hose? I think hose. My legs are no longer 22 years old.

I googled the names of the HR person and of the director to whom I would be reporting and got to their LinkedIn pages.

The director misspelled "representative" not once but three times.

The HR guy wrote that he is "I am in charge of all corporate highers other than positions..."

The same guy instructed me to "Please ask for me at the front desk and wait patiently in the lobby."

Which makes me wonder what his experience has been with impatient job applicants.

He also wrote in the job description that "the incumbent will have x, y, and z." "Incumbent" is the person who holds the position now, not the one who is applying for it.

Actually, "incumbent" usually refers to the holder of a political office. Not to a business analyst.

So quit writing job ads using the word "incumbent." It's wrong.

Oh dear. I am not feeling good about this company's highering practices.


  1. With foreshadowing like this, I expect he asked at least two of the "can't ask" questions like your age and if you have kids.

    1. Kara. Ha. That would imply he'd had the remotest interest in learning something about me!

  2. Too bad there is not yet a "sensecheck" to go with spellcheck! You're (not your) definitely better off without working there (or their?)!

    1. Webb, I could not believe this guy had a job and I did not.

  3. Haha. You're so funny, Webb. Anyway, how did the interview go? Were you able to get a job offer from them? With how you prepared for the interview, I'm almost certain that you got the job.

    Stacy Crownover

    1. Nope. Shockingly not. I guess he didn't like my answer about Panama.


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