Sunday, December 28, 2014

In which the campaign team forwards an email chain to Primo that happens to have an email with someone complaining about Primo in it

Primo is cranky. (I say that a lot, don't I?) He just returned from a five-day visit to his parents --

Stop. Do I need to say anything more after that sentence? Visiting Sly and Doris is enough to make even Mother Teresa cranky.

-- where he discovered that they have not completed their will after all, something I had pointed out five years ago when he returned home with a copy of their will, which I read and said, "It looks like they are not leaving anything to you - it goes straight to the grandkids - and they don't mention the money, just the house." He had asked his dad about it and Sly told him not to worry everything went to Primo --

NB I do not care (much) about what they do with their money. It would be nice to inherit some cash - it would give us some freedom, but if they did give everything to the grands, I would shrug and say, "Well it's their money." People get to decide what to do with their own money.

What makes me cranky is that they want Primo to do all kinds of stuff for them and they want him to execute the will, which is a ton of work, but then maybe don't want to leave him anything. Remember that Sly did threaten to disinherit Primo if Primo didn't get me in line.

Back to Sly saying everything goes to Primo: I only had one semester of business law in college and another semester of it in grad school, but my reading of the will did not indicate that anything went to Primo. When Primo pointed this out to Sly, Sly said that there was an appendix to the will and Primo just didn't have a copy.

Primo found out on this trip to visit Sly and Doris and to do all their chores that apparently there is nobody in the entire state of wherever they live who is willing to clean a porch for money that there is no appendix. They have not finished the will.

Which means if they die, even not at the same time, there will be some major hassles.

(Isabel's daughters are going through this now, as she died, as you remember, without a will. Honestly. What is it with these people? Do they think they are the only ones who won't die?)

I did some research. If Sly dies and Doris lives, Doris only inherits half of the estate. (This is if there is no will.) The other half would be divided among Sly's children, ie, Primo, Ted, and Jack.

I.e., Doris would be royally screwed.

I shared this with Primo so now he's worried because can you imagine the drama if he would have to deal with his mom and his half brothers, neither of whom are major fans of Doris, even though she didn't really break up Sly's marriage with their mother?

Neither half brother would have any problems taking any share of Sly's estate. Doris is not their problem. I have mixed feelings on this because I totally sympathize with Ted and Jack and their father abandoning them to an alcoholic mother when they were very little, but man I do not want to be stuck with Doris.

The other reason Primo is cranky is that his campaign manager - Bruno Mars, his name is today - forwarded an email chain to Primo and of course Primo read through the entire chain, as people are wont to do.

My former boss forwarded a chain to me and my co-workers when he hired the person - Kristen Bell - who was going to be my new boss. My former boss was not that computer savvy and could never figure out why when he renamed a file I had sent him and then saved it on his hard drive that it didn't match the version I had.

Anyhow, former boss sent us all an email about Kristin that included her job negotiations at the bottom of the chain.


In the email to Primo, there were emails at the bottom of the chain critical of Primo and how long it was taking him to get back to the campaign team on things.

I am very defensive about Primo. Nobody gets to criticize him about being slow but me.

Plus I do think they are being unfair. He is doing this campaign in his spare time while he does his real job full time. He is not going to win. He is doing it to help the party. If they wanted a full time candidate, they could have paid him $XXXXXXXXX to take an unpaid leave from his job, but if they are not willing to do that - Primo and I do not live on unicorns and rainbows - we need cash - then they need to dial it back.


  1. Do they think they are the only ones who won't die?

    There's a lot of them out there. It blows my mind that people have kids and don't make a will. However, this reminds me I forgot to tell my brother that we'd made a will and what's in it last time I saw him.

    1. Exactly! Do they really want the courts deciding where their minor children will live if they die? And who would deliberately cause such hassle for their adult kids?

  2. Wills are a difficult subject. For some odd reason, lots of people think that making one will cause them to die. I am having the same issue at work trying to get people to update the beneficiaries on their 401(k) accounts. I keep asking "do you really want your ex-wife to get your money?"

    Re: Sly's will ... in all likelihood, if they only dealt with the house in the existing document, then the money and all other property will also be divided 50% to the boys and 50% split among the "boys". Most states have probate laws that make that sort of determination. Until fairly recently Virginia gave 1/3 each to parents, spouse and children. Imagine what a horror that was!

    Primo should certainly push it with his parents. He also should find out if their state requires that one executor be a resident of the state. Many do. In that case, the court would assign someone - usually a lawyer or a bank - and they would get paid, but Primo probably would not, since he would have been named in the Will and probably "without fee". Another trap to watch for.

    Good luck.

    1. Webb, I didn't know that about the executor maybe having to be a resident of the state. I will check into that.

      As far as the 401k - I was on Primo like white on rice about his beneficiary designations. I am usually not detail oriented, but I make an exception for money. I cannot believe how laissez faire some people are about things like that.


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