Saturday, December 27, 2014

In which Primo prepares for the state convention, where he is to give a ten-minute speech and is really nervous about it

I stayed out of the speech preparation this time, but had to sit in the bedroom while Primo packed for 28 hours at the state convention.

Here is what he wanted to take:

1. Two suits - one navy, one khaki. "What if I have to wear a suit on Friday? I can't wear the same suit on Saturday when I give my speech!"

Me: Oh yes you can. Nobody will notice, I promise.

2. A sport jacket. In case a suit is too dressy for Friday.

3. Khakis. For Friday.

4. Three shirts - one for Saturday, one for with khakis alone on Friday, one for with khakis and a sport jacket.

5. Three ties. One for each nine-hour and twenty-minute period.

He wanted me to iron.

I laughed.

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