Thursday, February 5, 2015

In which Primo does not want me to accompany him to campaign events because people might think he beat me up

I have a black eye. Nothing serious. Just had a little bump and now I have a black eye. The bump was not with Primo's fist. Primo has a temper but he is not a hitter. We have wondered if Sly is a hitter. Sly has hit Primo. We don't know if he has hit Doris. I think Sly's preferred weapon is words. He can slice Doris into tiny little pieces in a second with his cruel words.

Primo fights mostly fair. He and his ex attended marriage counseling. He made a real effort not to be like Sly. So even when we argue, he plays fair.

He is definitely not a hitter.

However - with my black eye - the first thing people will think is that he hit me.

He told me he did not want me to go with him to a party picnic on Saturday.

Like I wanted to go anyhow.

But I told him that I was going to get a t-shirt that says, "My husband, who is running for Congress as a [Party], does not beat me!"

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  1. I once had a "thing" removed from my face (by the dermatologist) that caused my eye and cheek to swell, and all my co-workers - who knew my husband well - assumed the worst. It's way too dangerous to go anywhere in that condition! Assume that your co-workers will think the worst, too! It's good that they care.


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