Monday, June 29, 2015

In which Sly expects Primo to drop everything to fly to their place for an elective surgery Sly wants to have next Tuesday

It is Wednesday. Primo just got off the phone with Sly.

Sly wants to have his knee replacement surgery and wants Primo to fly down to stay with them during his recuperation.

He has scheduled the surgery for next Tuesday.

In case you are multitasking and don't want to do the math, that is less than a week from today.

1. Primo has a life
2. We have already paid for Primo to make two quasi-emergency visits to his mom and dad's in the past few months.
3. Primo has a life
4. We are not made of money

Primo is leaving town tonight for some political thing in another state. He wants to go so much that he is willing to take the Megabus, which has mixed reviews. He will not even be back home until next Tuesday.

Primo is not willing to cancel going to the political thing.

He told Sly that he cannot be there next Tuesday.

Sly's next big idea is to have both knees operated on at the same time.

I cannot imagine a reputable surgeon doing that - how is Sly supposed to use the facilities if he cannot walk at all? Will they even release a person from a hospital if he cannot somehow hobble to the bathroom?

They are not doing it right.


  1. Primo is totally allowed to say NO to Sly.
    It does not make him a bad person, it makes him an adult who has his own family (you!) and life (politics!) and being a nurse to Sly may not ever happen. And that is okay.
    What the heck is a Megabus?

  2. Nope the doctor most likely won't do both knees at the same time unless he agrees to go to a rehab place for a while or he has the proper help at home in case he falls, etc.

    The OT/PT folks will see to any issues especially at home and make sure he knows how to function post-op.

  3. What a mess. I'm glad all our inlaws are gone. It was a rough decade.

  4. Was Sly upping the ante by saying/playing Gotcha: "[you say you can't come for my knee surgery, well then you sure can't say no to] I changed my mind, I'm having TWO knee surgeries [that'll get him here]."

  5. Sly might be surprised; I think more and more, these days, replacement-parts patients are made to get up and moving day after surgery. However, I agree wholeheartedly with you--and think Sly & Doris should pay for Primo's airfare when they need him so desperately.

  6. My husband was walking on day two, and every day after that. And, they commonly do two knees at once - it's a pretty rough recovery and many do not go back to get knee #2 done, once they have been thru it once.

    And, Bobble is right - a rehab place is the way to go. Clearly Sly is old enough for that.

    Good luck. They are the gift that just keeps on giving, aren't they.

  7. You guys - I did some checking. As Webb notes, doing both knees is something that happens, but in what I found online (which of course is the best medical resource one could use), it's more commonly used on younger people. Ie, younger than 82, which is what Sly is or something.

    So he has rescheduled and it will be only one knee - apparently, Sly, the smartest man in the world, had not actually discussed this with the doctor.


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