Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In which Primo goes to the funeral of his ex-wife's mother, whom he loved dearly, and is booed

OK. He was not booed.

But he stood to speak at Isabel's mother's funeral. Mrs D died last week after having a stroke two weeks ago. She was in her late 80s and lived on her own and, presumably, did not suffer much after the stroke, but it is still a great loss. By all accounts, she was a lovely lady. She loved Primo to the end. Primo divorced his ex wife, not his stepdaughters or his mother in law.

But it's a lot of death in a short time.

"There's nobody left to die," he said, and I hope he's right.

He left Florida with me Monday morning and turned left in Atlanta when I went straight. At the funeral, he stood to speak and one of his ex's cousins said, very loudly, "What's HE doing here? She wouldn't want it! This is for FAMILY."

Primo's older stepdaughter, the one whom his ex bullied into not inviting him to her wedding, where she had wanted him to walk her down the aisle, stood and said, "He IS my family and Grandma loved him!"

I love that girl.

Isabel's first husband, the girls' bio dad, also gave the cousin a piece of his mind, telling her that Primo was very much a part of the family and that he is grateful to Primo for all he did raising the girls. Then he found Primo and told him the same thing.

I got so lucky when I married Primo. Not lucky with his parents, but with his two stepdaughters and their husbands and their children and with Stephanie and her children, whom I also adore. I love my Stephanie and my nieces and nephews. They are the greatest kids in the world.


  1. Funerals are for the living. Any one who is there to support the family members should be welcomed. The ridiculousness of drama at both weddings and funerals is beyond the pale. This is not the time.

  2. There's really nothing like having the funeral of a close family member and seeing the bad behavior that sometimes ensues to make you understand with great clarity who your friends and loved ones really are.

    Am so sorry that Primo had the summer from hell. Hope things are back on a more even keel now. It's a lot of grief to process all at once.

  3. Please give Primo condolences from one of your readers. He has had the worst year ever.
    And I can't believe some people could be so petty. Primo was paying his respects and I'm sure his presence supported his step daughters. They've had a rough couple of years.

  4. Yes, because what everyone wants at a funeral is low attendance. Who DOESN'T have loads of friends, both recent and lifelong, at a funeral?

    Except maybe for Sly.

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