Friday, December 11, 2015

Stupid ads!

Hi everyone - if you are having problems with being redirected to ads when you are on this blog, may I suggest installing an ad blocker?

The Cosmic Avenger advised me that I might have a virus on this blog. I had been having problems with, but thought had changed their business model. I had IT look at my work computer (huge fear - I somehow through my personal stuff bring horrible viruses into the work system) and they could find nothing. IT advised installing an ad blocker and it has been working so far.

I apologize for any problems you might be having. I use to watch the blog stats. Sitemeter has awful ads and I don't know how it all got connected,  but -- an ad blocker is seeming to do the trick.

Thanks, Cosmic Avenger, for advising me that the problem was bigger than just me.

A lagniappe from work. Being married to Primo has prepared me for working with engineers. (I love engineers. No. Drama.)

Engineer conversation at lunch:
E1, showing photo of odometer taken at 100,000: Look!
E2: You should have waited until 100,001.
E1: Why?
E2: Because then it would have been symmetrical.
E1: I have a photo at 99,999, too.
E2: You need to wait until it has your initials in binary code.
E1: There are not enough spaces for that.


  1. fwiw, I haven't noticed at all because I have adblock plus installed already. However, it's currently reporting that it's blocked 5 ads on this page (comments section), and I have it set to allow non-intrusive ads.

    - AC

    1. But I don't have any advertising! That's so weird. Glad the blocker is working.

    2. Yea I'm seeing 3 or 4 ads being blocked also but it also depends on how and if you're using a tracker blocker also.

      It looks to me like the "ads" are more like placeholders on the page because the formatting on the right side changes just a bit when I turn the ad blocker off and on.

    3. Ah, yes, some sites insert transparent "images" and track when they're loaded, that's probably what they are.

  2. I watch for the symmetric or repeating readings on my odometer. Close to 166166.

    1. Yeah, Primo had to throw away some flowers in my little test tube vase - a series of five test tubes next to each other. "I left a flower in position 2 and one in position 4," he said, "so it would be symmetrical."

    2. I was told that when you have less than a dozen flowers in a vase they should be an odd number.

  3. I use an adblocker, but for some reason I had turned it off. Luckily, I also block scripts from unknown domains, so when I got redirected to, nothing loaded.

    Anyway, glad to help!


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