Sunday, January 10, 2016

In which I discover Primo continues to make political donations even though he is not working and I earn only about half of what he made

Me [looking at credit card statements]: Hey! You have a recurring donation to [group I do not like]!

Primo: I inherited money.

Me: That money is not enough for you to quit working and it does not replace your salary!

Primo: Yeah, but I inherited money.

Me: I do not want my hard-earned money going to political things I don't agree with!

Primo: My parents would have supported this group.



  1. How long ago was it that Primo started his sabbatical from work? And is returning to work in his near-term plans? I would hate my income going to a cause that I'm opposed to.

  2. Doesn't he have his inherited money in a separate account? If so, why doesn't he make his contributions out of that account?
    If he did, I doubt if you'd object.

  3. No, this is Not On. He needs to be contributing properly to the household in order to make political donations, IMHO. And he should most certainly have been talking to you about it first! Folks may disagree, but I do not think that was right! J x

  4. I'm with Anonymous. If you're not working, for however good a reason, you don't get to make political contributions using your spouse's income. His inherited money is a different story.

  5. When he was working and I was not, I made donations. I can't stand to give any money to a group Sly and Doris would have supported!

  6. Ooooh, no way!!!! This should come straight out of his inheritance and only after everything needed/wanted for the household is taken care of. Sly & Doris should have nothing to do with it. Unless he has made an in-memoriam donation - maybe that should come out of the estate? I'm sure Ted would know...

  7. He inherited money BUT he is donating from a credit card!?? Ya I wouldn't be thrilled with him either...

  8. He inherited money BUT he is donating from a credit card!?? Ya I wouldn't be thrilled with him either...

  9. No, actually, it's OK! It's not a huge amount of money and we did negotiate this a while ago. I just hate his choice of causes. He did agree, when we married, not to donate to some causes I really hate that he had supported.

    We agreed that we would each have $500 a year to donate to anything we wanted without complaining from the other person, except for the designated no-donate causes. This cause is not on that list - I just don't like it. :)

    And as far as Primo is concerned, the inheritance is our money, not his.

  10. I think while he isn't working he could easily donate time to some causes off his choice.


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