Friday, February 26, 2016

In which Primo, against spousal advice, sends an email to Ted with a detailed accounting of what he has done and of the money in the estate

Ted has no legal right to this information because he is not named in the will.

He has no moral right to it because he has been a complete jerk to Primo.

Primo answers Ted's snark with calm and logic, both of which are wasted on Ted.

He sends Ted a spreadsheet with a detailed accounting of all the investment funds.

He explains that he will not set up the trusts for the grandkids until after the beginning of the year - the accountant's advice is to delay so Primo does not have to file multiple tax returns this year.

He hits "Send" and then we wait.

"He is going to criticize how the money is invested," he says.

"He is going to be angry that I am waiting to set up the trust," he says.

"He does not like that I am paying the realtor six percent," he says.

What do I say?

What do you think?

What would you say?


That is what I say.


  1. I'm am glad that Primo has you. I hate to think what it would be like if Primo was going through this alone.

  2. Please tell me that at some point Primo just stops responding to Ted. I do not send emails to people that I know will respond rudely unless I'm paid to do it (i.e., at my job), so I would have gotten away from contact with Ted before the whole trust issue started. If nothing else, it will alleviate some of the stress Primo has, allowing him time to mourn his parents and find a job without the hassle of someone sniping at him for every word he writes.

  3. unfortunately, my advice is all words that my mother would not have allowed me to use. Poor Primo! poor Goldie!

  4. I'd say "Responding to Ted is like hitting your head against a wall; it feel so good when you stop..."

  5. Can Primo bill Ted for the time spent on every inquiry into the trust? My evil side would be tempted to see if this made Ted's head explode.

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  7. This seems like the kind of good deed that will come back to bite Primo in the arse. Good luck :-/


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