Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In which Primo and I discuss Ted - not Ted the jerk brother but Ted who went to our college and who was not very nice to me - and I say that I dodged a bullet

We are going to our college reunion tomorrow and there is a lot of stress because Primo is not a planner and I am and he is not a do it in advance person and I am so while he is piddling around in the bedroom stressing me out, I am on facebook.

We are talking about people in our class. I had one boyfriend while I was in college, dated another guy from my college ("dated" is perhaps not the proper word) years after graduation when I met him at an alumni event, and then met Primo at a class reunion.

So this other guy - Ted - I have written about here. (NO! I do not know why I named both Primo's brother and this guy "Ted." I did not do it right! Some kind of brain fart, maybe back when I didn't know Ted Drunk would become such a big part of this story. But still. For dumb.)

He was kind of a jerk.

Or maybe he is wonderful and I caught him in a bad moment. I don't know. Who knows what former boyfriends say about me?

However, the consensus in my neighborhood with people who had known Ted since he was a child was that he was a jerk.

He was not nice to me and it was hard at first but then I got over him and whew! am I glad I did because Primo is a MUCH BETTER MAN.

A few months ago, Ted tried to friend Primo on facebook.

Primo declined the friend request and asked me if I wanted him to beat Ted up.

I told him no, it was enough to know that I won.

Turns out that Ted is now following Primo on facebook!

Who does that?

I mean, Ted has to know that Primo is married to me. And he knows that he was not nice to me.

Is that a little bit creepy or what?

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  1. About as creepy as my roommate's boyfriend contacting me 25 years, asking if I'd hooked up with anybody at school and then telling me he'd wanted to.

    Excuse me WTF? I had an urgent need to go to a meeting at that point...


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