Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In which we learn that the buyer has been acting a little bit in bad faith maybe

Nope. Not over.

There was a patch of mildewy something somewhere so the realtor cleaned it and now the buyer wants it professionally cleaned and says it means termites even though there is a termite contract.

And then the buyer had said Primo could leave anything he wanted in the house - there was still a guest bed and a desk and a sofa in the house and a table and a lot of gardening stuff in the garage and shelves. The buyer said that weeks ago.

Just now - three days before Christmas, two days before closing - the buyer has said, nope. Don't want anything in the house. House has to be completely empty.

I thought these problems were with the realtor but it turns out the buyer is a rich kid who is used to getting his way with everything and who appears, to me, to be acting in bad faith. If you are a person of good faith, you don't expect other people to be jerks. You don't expect someone to tell you two days before closing that he wants the furniture out of the house after he told you six weeks ago don't worry! just leave it!

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  1. I was starting to suspect this. There were too many issues for this not to be somebody *looking* for there to be issues in an attempt to force a lower price, etc.

    - AC


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