Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In which Primo does that sexy thing

If you are married to someone who gets rid of junk right away, this story will not resonate with you.

If you are married to someone who files his important papers in labeled files - if he believes in files, not piles, then this story will not resonate with you.

But if you are married to someone whose office is a black hole sucking junk mail into and who has brought home all of his parents' completely unorganized papers and whose house is being taken over by PAPER and PARENTS' ASHES and UGLY CAT TRINKETS, then you will get why I was so excited when Primo came downstairs with a handful of mail.

"What are you going to do with that?" I asked.

"It's going into the recycling," he said.

"Let's get naked," I said.


  1. Always reward the good.

  2. Hah! Yeah, positive reinforcement can only be a good thing! J x

  3. Heh heh. It's been a week. Goldie must be REALLY happy. lol.

    (fwiw, my husband is the househusband/cleaner person of the two of us, and also has the lower libido. One night, he looked at me and said "hey, wanna get busy?" and I RAN for the bedroom to clear the clothes he'd washed but I hadn't put away off the bed and get them cleared away. He said "Oh. THIS is how to get you to clean. I get it. Hmmmm. I think I wanna do it in the kitchen...")

    - AC

    1. Love your story! And yes, I am happy - Ted has dropped off the face of the earth for a short time, apparently.)


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