Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In which the guy who dumped me right before the prom comments on the facebook post of an apparently mutual friend and I wonder what to do

as I have not spoken to Ken since high school.

I have stalked him, but not spoken to him. Or written to him. Or seen anything written by him.

But it appears he is also a friend of my friend Slim from high school and I commented on something Slim posted this morning and then Ken did and I got the alert that someone else had posted and I wondered what should I do?

Y'all - this is a real-time post. I am writing this on August 23. Should I say, "Hey!" to Ken? "Hey! How you doing? Do you remember that you dumped me right before the prom?"


PS Please tell me I am not the only one who googles old boyfriends. I just want to know how the story ends!


  1. Nope, no comment to Ken needed. What is the goal of contacting him?

  2. Yes, I have googled a couple of old boyfriends. One has passed on, another still works in the music field, and the third took off a year from working when his mother passed away.
    I would say hi, but not mention the prom.

  3. I agree with Libby. We were all young and clueless once. Most of us grew out of it. I would suggest saying "Hi" only if you are interested in him in the now.

  4. No comment to Ken. He's either mortified that he was once that horrible or too clueless/mean to know he was that horrible. Either way why bring it up. I guess if he says hi say hi back but I wouldn't initiate. I haven't googled any exes. One I'd only want to tell what unholy acts he could preform on himself and the other I'd be willing to keep in touch with.

  5. Nooooope. Just leave that alone. No comments, ignore him into oblivion. Like Knitty says, he either doesn't remember/won't get it or you'd be bringing up his secret shame. Either way, no good comes of that conversation. You got Primo, who is better than a thousand Kens, and not only because he would never have done that to you.

    Also, you are not the only one who stalks old boyfriends. My favorite is the one who went all fat and bald after dumping me (repeatedly! He wouldn't stop breaking up with me, even after I was dating someone else!) because "his brother was sure he could do better."

  6. Definitely not the only one who stalks old boyfriends!

    I would bet a lot of money that Ken remembers you and commented after yours because he wanted to draw your attention to him, and is hoping that you will communicate to him. The power, this time, is all yours, girlfriend. Radio silence. Not a peep!

  7. No comments direct to him. You are the goddess he let slip through his fingers and he is beneath your notice for that. If he comments to you, then you of course need a little reminder as to who he is: "Sorry, have we met? Prom you say... oh Ken, yes, I remember. You HAVE changed". Mystique, aloofness, untouchable sang froid, this is your life now and he missed all that fabulous. ;) J x

  8. Cannot think of a single upside to making contact, nor responding to any.

  9. I googled an old bf and up popped his mugshot!

    I may be a terrible person but that mugshot made my day. He was arrested on Jan 1st a few years ago so, not only arrested but hungover as well. Another bf was under lawsuit for professional incompetence.

    Both were jerks and both deserved what they got, but I was the idiot for dating them one second after I figured out they were jerks.

  10. I agree with g-dog - what is your goal with this guy? I wouldn't bring up the past. What would Primo say?


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