Monday, September 19, 2016

In which the letter is returned from the address Former Tenant gave Keith because apparently, she is unknown to the people who live there

SLAM! Keith and I WIN!

Former Tenant had given Keith an address for someone who Keith thought was maybe FT's mother.

But whoever it was - he addressed it

Former Tenant/Former Tenant's Friend

appears not to know FT.

Someone wrote "Wrong address?" on front of the envelope and returned the letter.

Keith got it today.

He sent it to the address that FT left with him

We wrote a very cordial letter to include with the unopened returned letter explaining that he had mailed the original on May 20, as was clear from the postmark, but it had been returned to him today as the people at that address appeared not to know who FT is.

Oh we are laughing.

FT has made poor Keith's life so stressful and it was all her fault.

He is going to the post office tomorrow to send a

1. flat-rate priority mail envelope
2. certified
3. with return receipt

 Quod erat demonstrandum.


  1. So glad he got the check back and now has the chance to "do it right"! I was a little apprehensive while reading the stories... shows how good of a writer you are, Goldie!

  2. Please tell me you took pictures of everything before it was resent.

  3. What is wrong with Former Tenant? Who does such things?


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