Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In which I have to be a Supportive Wife - because sometimes that's what you have to do - and go to a fundraiser for Primo instead of watching season one of Madame Secretary so I am a little bit bitter but I will get over it

Primo: I talked to a lady who said she would have a house party for me!

Me: That's great!

Primo: She wanted to do it on October 11, but that's the night before Yom Kippur.

Me: That's not a good time.

Primo: So it's going to be on October 13,

Me: OK.

Primo: Will you go?

Me: Oh man.

Primo: She's going to make black-eyed pea salsa.

Me: And?

Primo: You like black-eyed peas!

Me: Not the way yankees make them. They don't do it right.


  1. Black-eyed peas and stewed tomatoes, please, and not too sweet! You're a good wife!


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