Sunday, January 1, 2017

In which Primo doesn't want my mom to use the Good Glass

Mom: Which glass is mine?

Primo: I don't know. Just take a clean one from the cupboard.

Mom reaches for a glass and selects not one of the brewery souvenir glasses but something Primo got at a political event and labeled as such.

Primo: But not that one!

Mom: What?

Primo: Not that one.

Me: Why not?

Primo: What if it breaks?

Me: Because my mother is in the habit of throwing glasses to the floor?


  1. If you don't want it used don't put it where everyone can get to it. I have my best glasses on the top shelf or in another cupboard. And I would like a few of the everyday glasses to get broken. I have way too many 2 or 3 of a style. But really you can't just throw perfectly good glasses away.

    1. My mother is famous for getting clumsy with her least favorite glass and plate ware. It's totally subconscious, though hilarious when I get the call to go plate shopping.

    2. My dishes are 40 years old and very few have broken. I even have a couple of glasses that old still.

  2. Well, she is a polka dot, and the glass was a stripe. (Or is it the other way around?)

    She might just break it because of that.


  3. This is funny because I have treasured glasses branded from whiskey companies, and I really, really want guests to use them! They're special, I want to share! (Picture a dog bringing you their gross, shredded wubbie.)

    I did make the mistake of keeping a branded glass SIGNED by Tom Bulleit on top of the bar, and my wife used it and was going to wash it! That was my mistake; that glass now sits in a glass-fronted bookshelf with the other souvenirs. :D

    1. I have glasses that my daughter really likes and only wash them by hand. Otherwise the designs will eventually fade and disappear.


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