Friday, March 1, 2013

Monday Sept 10 The communications guys have never worked with an engineer before

This is how the interview prep is going:

Communications guys: How should transportation be funded?

Primo: Engineer talk blah blah blah

CG: OK, but short.

Primo: But I can't say it short. And I don't know all the issues.

CG: You don't have to know all the issues. You're not writing legislation.

Primo: But but...

CG: You need to be prepared to answer questions where you're not an expert.

Primo: But that's not how I work!

CG: You're going to have to be able to.

Primo: But for the interview, they're only asking these questions [that the news organization sent].

CG: We don't know about that.

Primo: I can prove it! [He runs upstairs to get the documents.]

CG: Where did he go?

Me: Upstairs to prove he's right.

CG: Oh.

Me: Have you worked with an engineer before?

CG: No.

Me: Welcome to my world.


  1. ROTFL! That's ALL I do - and you are SO right!

    1. I am fine with 95% good/right for most things, because that's all that most things demand. I am not doing heart transplants!

      Primo blesshisheart wants every single thing to be perfect. That's really time consuming.

  2. I know what you mean,but perfectionism can be a great excuse for procrastination sometimes.

    1. Primo blesshisheart is a good one for letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Or is that the good being the enemy of the perfect? Whatever.


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