Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all

Where would Sly sit in this Thanksgiving seating diagram, which I borrowed from Bon Appetit?

Remember how Sly got angry about the grandkids eating the white meat?

And then how the next year, he commented that he didn't like white meat after all?

Yeah. Me, too. Which is why I am so happy that Primo and I will be spending our Thanksgiving at home, with the cats and a good steak and House of Cards so he can win his next election.


  1. Sly would sit in another state.

  2. If dinner is going to be held at my house, then there's only one place for Sly. He goes straight to the head of my table, seated in the "host" spot. And I'm going to sit to his left [even though I have perfect hearing]. He's alllll mine.


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