Monday, November 24, 2014

In which I realize again how lucky I am with Primo's stepdaughters. Love that girl.

‎Stepdaughter Dos > The Golddigger 
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Look out for a box with orange colored goodies! Shipped out today:) and I picked some not as ripe ones too so hopefully it will last you a couple weeks. Or days!  SD
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  • The Golddigger You are so sweet! Thank you! I am almost out, so your timing is perfect. Plus homegrown persimmons from [your lovely, late mother in law's] tree taste so much better than store bought!
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  • Primo Thank you, SD! I won't eat the persimmons, but they make Goldy very happy.
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  • Stepdaughter Dos I'll make it a yearly package to keep bonus mom happy:)4 hrs · Unlike · 1

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