Sunday, April 19, 2015

In which Primo has a revelation about housework and what is entailed in the performing thereof

Primo: I just stripped the bed. Am I supposed to wash the sheets?

Me: It would be nice.

Primo: But that's a lot of work!

Me: I know. When I was with MariCarmen yesterday, I told her how nice it was that you had done all the housework to prepare for guests and that you had done a lot  of the other regular housework.

Primo: I did!

Me: And I was thinking about how nice it was that my Saturday was free because you had done the work. And I realized how much time I actually spend doing housework because I wasn't doing it!

Primo: I didn't know that it took so much time!

Me: Yeah.

Primo: It's a lot of work!

Me: I. Know.

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