Sunday, May 10, 2015

In which I am pretty much DONE with politics and am ready for the darn election to be done

So where was I? It's been a while since I have written. I know the posts show up regularly, but I am writing them way in advance and sometimes I have time to write and sometimes I don't. I have a new job - three months now - and Primo is running for Congress and he has quit his job and even though he promised if he could quit his job, the drama would stop, that has not necessarily been the case.

1. Primo hosted a karaoke fundraiser the other night. It is one week until the election. He and the team decided to host a fundraiser one week before the election. But I guess that is not unheard of in political circles. I guess I can see event happening right before the election. I can't see waiting until one week plus three days to plan the event. Primo and I are like matter and anti-matter when it comes to planning. As in, I plan and he does not.

The fundraiser was fun and he actually raised some money. This is good because as I have already noted, I am not interested in spending our savings to pay campaign debts.

He gave a speech about an hour into the fundraiser. He talked too long, which blesshisengineerheart, is something he is wont to do, but he did spend a lot of that time thanking his wonderful wife, so I can live with that.

He also mentioned the "confluence of events" that led to an engineer friend of his from California, who just moved back here to be closer to his aging parents, move in next door to a big party mover and shaker. The friend, Pablo, asked the new neighbor, who just bought the house next to Pablo's parents, if the neighbor knew Primo. The neighbor did not, but asked another big party mover and shaker if he knew Primo and that mover and shaker did. Pablo and mover #2 were both at the fundraiser. Worlds colliding.

When Primo used "confluence of events," my friend Mari laughed and said Primo was such an engineer.

2. Primo was interviewed on the morning show on the local public radio station. I listened on my way to work. He sounded good, although of course I was yelling at the radio that he was wrong, wrong, WRONG on the positions. The only question he didn't handle well was the first one, which was, "Tell me why you would be a good representative." He never really answered the question, which I know is not uncommon for a politician, but I think it had more to do with the fact that Primo has not had to look for and interview for a job for years. He was with the same company for 15 years and before that, he was always recruited and followed old bosses to new companies.

3 He has also had a few interviews that have been videotaped. He has sent me the videos to watch, but the thrill is gone of watching my husband on video. I already know what he thinks and I get to hear it at home, not just in 30 minutes on some public access station.

4. They didn't make enough yard signs. And they waited until ten days before the election to make them.

5. Primo and the team spent the Sunday two weeks before the election making a campaign ad. I first heard the concept for this ad on the 4th of July. And they are just now making it. They filmed at our house. In our living room. They moved furniture and Primo was all "Wooo!" about that, worried they would damage the furniture. It has been almost two weeks but the furniture still had not been moved back. I would like my house to be restored to its natural state.

6. Primo went to pick up an order of 5,000 pieces of door literature today. The printer had made only 1,000 pieces. Someone sent the wrong email or something. I have screwed up print orders before. Wait. I screwed up a print order once. When I was 22. I have not made that kind of mistake since. I have found all sorts of new mistakes to make, but now, when I am spending a lot of money, I double check the order and request confirmation from the vendor. I don't understand how this order could have gotten so screwed up.

7. I need to form a support group for the spouses of politicians. It can be non partisan.

8. I don't know why I thought of this, but I had a boss two jobs ago who, two days before our big annual conference, asked me to put together a communications plan for the new office I was opening in The Grand Duchy of Fenwick. I asked him what he wanted to communicate and he didn't know, but he wanted a plan.

I called the communications director, who sighed and said not to worry, he knew what to do. So the amazing communications director put together a 12 page communications plan - without an actual message but including our strategies for facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, and then he and I presented it to my boss.

After we finished the presentation, my boss looked at us and asked, "But aren't we going to do anything with social media? What about that social media? I've heard we should use social media."

I am ready for the election to be over.

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