Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In which it is election day

It is 7:21 a.m. on Tuesday, November 4. Election day. Finally.

Only this will all probably start again tomorrow. Primo will not win this race, but he might want to run in the special election for the county government. Woo-hoo.

I have hardly seen him since last week. That's been fine with me - Season 3 of Scandal, Season 5 of The Good Wife, and Season 2 of Major Crimes all came in at once. Talk about feast or famine. So of course I have been forced to spend all of my free time watching TV. If I had rejected the DVDs this turn, I would have had to wait another few months to get them again. Such are the lines at my library.

As I watched Fitz running for president on Scandal and Cyrus' complete evil - evil masked by a pudgy, middle-aged face - and Olivia's eyebrows and forehead and as I watched Eli and Alicia deal with the charges of vote fraud, I decided that I prefer my politics to be fictional. At least on a TV show, an obnoxious person can be dispatched somehow. Although upon further thought, I realize that the only people who get killed on Scandal are the good guys. The bad guys stay alive, probably because it is more fun to watch bad guys than good guys.

So Primo has been out knocking on doors and working hard and I have been watching TV and that is fine with me.

I am ready for this to be over. The dining room table is still pushed to the wall, where it was moved over two weeks ago when they filmed the ad. The guys would have moved it back, but Primo wanted to vacuum that space first and of course nothing happens right before an election. The doorstop for the back door has been sitting in the junk drawer in the kitchen for two months  now. The tub has needed re-caulking for three months. There are still financial issues from Isabel's estate that Primo needs to resolve - he has not given ownership of the time shares to the girls yet and has been paying the fees, which made me - I will admit it - bitchily angry. "Why on earth do I go to Peet's in the afternoon with my 50% off coupon that is good only after 12:00 to get coffee for the next day?" I demanded. "Why am I doing that to save two dollars when we are paying an extra hundred dollars a month for a time share that we do not own?" I was super cranky.

I will vote today. I will vote for Primo, even though I disagree with him,  because he is my husband and I love him. If by some miracle he were to win, I would have to get involved just so he wouldn't vote the wrong way on legislation.

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  1. Good luck Primo! Now everyone, get out there and vote!


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