Thursday, May 14, 2015

In which Primo does not win

And it's over. Primo did not win.

I am sure you are shocked, shocked.

But I have to tell you guys that it is super thrilling to see my husband's name on the ballot and then to look at the election results on and see his name.

He did not do too badly, considering. He was running against a 30-year veteran while he was working full time at a very demanding job and with almost no money. He and his team raised about $10,000, I think, and that was all spent on door literature and for creative services. There were no radio ads, no TV ads, no newspaper ads. That is for candidates with money. We are not candidates with money.

He got almost 30% of the vote, which is really not shabby at all. Perhaps he does have a future in this.

Sly and Doris even called to congratulate him. They almost never call him. He has to call them. They called and they were sober and they were nice. It was a red-letter day.

Primo for Congress
Posted by Primo · November 5
I need to repeat this on its own instead of having it buried at the end of my "Thank you" post from late last night:
Congratulations to Congressman [incumbent] on his nth successful re-election campaign. He deserves respect as a seasoned professional in this business and was a formidable opponent.
148 people reached

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  • Kathleen  Nice of you to be magnanimous but he's been sucking off the public teat for too long. Old white men are part of the problem with this country.
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  • Nancy Classy Primo.
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  • Leslie Sorry Primo. I'm with Kathleen . [The incumbent] sits on Science & Environmental committees while denying climate change. He's not to be respected. He's helping kill the environment and my grandchildren's futures.
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  • Kathleen  Just another way to say "seasoned".
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  • Primo for Congress Kathleen and Leslie, I understand how you feel. Congressman [incumbent] may not deserve respect for most of the policies he supports, but he does his job in a professional manner. He doesn't conduct himself in a way that brings shame and ridicule upo...See More
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  • Blue State Thank you and you're being entirely too nice.
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    • Primo for Congress No mud was slung at me in this campaign. We need to be nice except when it's absolutely impossible, or when it's absolutely necessary not to be nice. This is [our state].
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  • Yesterday at 12:41pm
  • Amy Listen, I am just a lowly volunteer with little $ to give to candidates. I coudn't stomach volunteering for [Suzy Q] unless it was secondary to another candidate on the ballot that did motivate me to volunteer. [John Doe] was my third choice for AG so that didn't help. I was excited about [Brad Pitt] but he also lost in the primary. The only candidate left that was exciting on my ballot, in my county, was Primo for Congress. But he had zero support and money. I hate [the governor] as much as I hate [the incumbent] but my motivation to help was only sparked by Primo. He actually stood for some great policy issues and I believed him. I didn't trust [Suzy Q]. Primo could have been a great partner to [Angelina Jolie] in Congress! Too bad there wasn't more support for a host of candidates equally motivating, like [Billy Joel], [Christie Brinkley] etc.
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  • Primo Amy, I would give you a big hug right now if I could. You have no idea how much that kind of support means to me. Thank you!
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  1. Have to admit that i cheated and peeked months ago, but it has been really interesting to see the campaign thru your eyes. Hope you and Primo can find a happy medium where you will both be satisfied. I fear that the politics bug has gotten to him.

    1. Webb, yeah, me, too. :( I would rather be married to someone with the "make money so we can retire" bug.

  2. Repeatedly running for office in districts that are impossible for your party is like repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall. It makes one doubt Primo's good sense, if not his sanity. If he really wants to win some office (or ANY office, it seems), he'll have to pick a competitive district.

    1. Yeah, well, that means moving and I am not paying thousands of dollars for the dubious privilege of being married to a politician. I think I should get combat pay.

    2. I understand why you wouldn't want to move, but why then does he keep banging his head against the wall?

  3. Unfortunately, Primo may have to consider changing parties to get elected. Not unheard of in county level politics where I live. I live where one party dominates. next to another county where the one party dominates.


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