Friday, September 11, 2015

In which Primo wonders why his dad does not focus on the darn mission

Primo: I feel like telling my dad that he should be working on getting his/their affairs in order instead of watching a video online, but that seems mean with his cancer appointment coming up on Tuesday.

Me: I do not think it is unreasonable for you to expect your dad to tear himself away from the online porn for one or two hours a day to focus on making life easier for you. Except he doesn't really care that you have completely upended your life, does he?


  1. Are you sure Primo is Sly's son? How could Sly have a son as wonderful as Primo?

    1. I have wondered the same thing - how could someone as nice as Primo come from Sly and Doris? Maybe Doris actually had a fling with someone who was nice to her! That is the only explanation I can think of, because the genes sure are not in Primo's favor. His half-brother, Ted - Ted is also Sly's son - is definitely of Sly's genes. He is an obnoxious jerk.


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