Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In which Primo freaks out because I ask him where the stamps are and I tell him I dusted his dresser

Primo and I are fighting over the phone because he is being kind of jerky (I hesitate before writing that because he really is a good guy and I don't want people to think he is a jerk, but sometimes, he is cranky and crabby and jerky and I think it's fair to call him on it.)

We are fighting because all I did was ask him where the stamps were and he got all, "Oh noooooo!" with me - his usual dramatic reaction -- and I got pissy, saying, "Do not get all drama-y with me! I asked a SIMPLE question!" and then he got even more pissy when I OPENED HIS DESK DRAWER - I had to MOVE THE CHAIR! - and then I did not CLOSE THE DRAWER PROPERLY! AND WHAT IF I MESSED THINGS UP IN THE DRAWER?

Good grief.

Then he got pissy again because I had taken things off his dresser to dust it because there were baby kittens growing behind some things that I had not noticed but as soon as I noticed, I could not leave it. He had the sympathy cards from my mom from May and July and the birthday card I gave him in May stacked on top of a cartoon I had cut out for him a year ago.

It is November.

I put those things on the stairs next to his mail. I cleaned all the dust from the dresser and from the wooden penguin puzzle I had bought him so we could look at it and say, "Funny the penguin being there!" and the framed photo of us from after our wedding that I washed out into black and white so I look better than I really look. I also dusted the photo of him with one of the cats on his shoulder and the photo he brought from Sly and Doris' of the cat they had when he was ten.

I put those things upright on the dresser and then messaged a photo of the dust to him.

It was disgusting.

He got all "Wooo!" and "But you MOVED MY STUFF! WHAT ABOUT MY STUFF?" and I had to say, "Relax, SHELDON!"

Then he said, "But I never move your stuff!"


Honestly. That man.


  1. Yes, I understand these type of arguments. Good deeds do not go unpunished.

  2. He's fired from househusbanding. 😁

    1. No! I would rather he do the housework poorly than I do it well!

  3. He's fired from househusbanding. 😁

  4. I get like that about my stuff being moved, because I remember where I put everything, and if something has been moved, sometimes I wind up looking for it for hours when before I could find it in seconds. But I'm also the one who does the dusting; today, I vacuumed the blinds and curtains in our bedroom, and much of the lint stuck to stuff in the laundry room. Oh, and the central air intake vents.

    Am I the only one who does all of the dusting with a vacuum?

    1. Maybe. :) I do it with a damp rag and sometimes with Pledge.

    2. I do a as much of the dusting as I can with the vacuum.


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