Saturday, March 26, 2016

In which Subaru of Jacksonville responds to my email that they remove Sly from their mailing list because he is DEAD with an email about buying a new car

I told you I have been having to contact all these companies to tell them that Sly and Doris are DEAD and take them off your darn list.

Three months ago, Primo put their names on some national deceased do not mail registry. He called a bunch of the organizations that were sending mail to take Sly and Doris off the lists.

Then he put in a forwarding notice at the Post Office because he still needs to get Sly and Doris' bills, etc.

Apparently, the PO sells those lists.

And we have been getting seven to ten pieces of junk mail a day.

Subaru of Jacksonville sent a promotional piece.

I emailed them, asking them to take Sly off their list.

They emailed back.

Dear Sly, Thank you for giving Subaru of Jacksonville the opportunity to earn your business. We have received your inquiry for a new [blank]. We strive to provide you a 'different' car buying experience.

I answered.

Dear Subaru of Jacksonville: I can assure you that if Sly, whom I asked you to remove from your list because he died in July, does buy a car from you, it will indeed be a "different" car buying experience.

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