Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And in which my dad's two brothers and my dad's cousin, all of whom disagree strongly with Primo about politics, refuse to talk to him or to make eye contact but instead pull me aside to tell me what bad taste I have in husbands

OH WAIT! That didn't happen at all!

Instead, my uncles and cousin asked Primo if he was going to run for office again. They talked amicably about what a moron Donald Trump is and my ultra-conservative uncle said that yeah, he doesn't agree with Bernie Sanders about everything but he likes the guy.

My dad's cousin said he would campaign for Primo if Primo ran again.

I said, "But you completely disagree with him!"

Cousin said, "I vote for the man, not the party, and I like Primo."

"That's what my dad always said!" I said. "He got into a fight with my seventh grade social studies teacher with me as their go-between about it because my teacher maintained you stick with the party and my dad said nope, you look at the man."

(Or the woman, as the case may be, but I am using "man" in the "humankind" sense here, not in the "It's a man's world and women are just here to wash the dishes" sense.)

And then dad's cousin and dad's other cousin - the two sons of my late great uncle - both started laughing and telling stories about my dad.

And we all had a good time, even though we were gathered by death. You are sad when a person who is 95 years old dies, but you are not sad in the way you are sad when someone who is 60 or 50 or 40 dies. Ninety five is a pretty good run.


  1. 95 is an excellent run indeed! and you are lucky that your family is so caring about each other ... oh, and that they like each other. Hope we all make a healthy 95!

    1. Me, too, Webb! That is why I have stopped skipping the abs section of my workouts! I want to be able to get up when I fall when I am old!

  2. One of our best friends is 98. He can't understand why he is still alive! He does remain active walking every day. He was a downhill skier until about 92 when his 88 y/o girlfriend fell and broke a hip while skiing. Rode his bike nearly every day until about 95.

  3. 95 is a hell of a run! Sorry to hear there has been more loss...but it's good to know he lived long and well.


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