Sunday, April 10, 2016

In which Primo realizes I mean business about the boxes in the living room, the guest room, and the basement

Primo: I don't want to do this!

Me: Me neither.

Primo: Can't we just do it some other time? There is no urgency - there is nothing forcing us to do this.

Me: Oh I can create urgency.

Primo: You will get cranky?

Me: Have you ever heard of the play Lysistrata?

Primo: Oh!


  1. Frankly, that seems entirely reasonable to me. Sly and Doris are dead, and they're still mucking up your lives. It's one thing for Primo not to be ready to sort through photos and truly sentimental things -- I get that, and he has my sympathy. But diaries of Sly's workouts and BMs? Yeah, no, that's garbage and should be treated accordingly.

  2. Yeah at least get that BM chart on the fridge so you can compare notes. 😝


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