Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In which we spend 30 minutes on a box from the many boxes in the basement instead of on Sly and Doris' stuff because Primo does not want to get rid of family photos or the turntable he brought from Florida

Among the items discarded:

1. Primo's stepdaughter's credit card bill from 2001
2. Six AAA magazines from 2000
3. A San Francisco magazine from 2000 with the best SF restaurants
4. Charity solicitations from 2000 and 2001
5. Frequent flyer mile statements from 2000

Etc, etc, etc.

We got rid of half of the box and will finish tomorrow.

And then it's on to the remaining boxes in the basement.


  1. I hope that Primo will slowly retrain himself to get rid of stuff as this progress unfolds. The feeling from have an uncluttered space is wonderful.

  2. So keep the SF magazine that lists the restaurants and burn the other stuff! Easy!

    1. If those restaurants are even still in business

    2. That's what Yelp is for! (OK, Yelp is very hit-or-miss, but I still use it to find a handful of decent reviews, and ignore most of the rest. Their mapping interface is better than most.)


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