Saturday, July 9, 2016

In which Ted does call, as he has threatened, but Primo does not answer the phone

The email from Ted offering Primo the once in a lifetime - well, twice in a lifetime - chance to serve Ted by being a trustee for TedsSon - the experience so far has been SO FABULOUS as Ted is a treasure to deal with - came Thursday morning.

Primo did not answer right away because he was busy and he doesn't want to deal with Ted and honestly, sending Ted money so he can fund his IRA RIGHT NOW is not a priority for Primo.

The email did, however, prompt Primo and me to wonder why someone would pay to remodel his house before funding his IRA and how it is that two adults, one of whom purports to be very well educated and the other who has actually been carrying the financial burden of supporting her family because her husband will not get off his ass and find a job, two adults, who, although they have a mentally handicapped child, have gotten tens of thousands of dollars in financial support from all sides of the family, cannot fund their IRAs without outside help.

You pay the bills first, right?

You fund your retirement, you pay your bills, and then you remodel your house. Admittedly, remodeling the house to reduce your energy bills is not a bad idea, but did I mention that Ted is taking his family on a European vacation this summer?

A European vacation is definitely a financial priority for fiscally responsible folks who have not funded their IRAs.


Ted emailed on Thursday. Primo did not answer.

Ted calls on Saturday. Primo does not answer. Primo has Things to Do. Being at Ted's beck and call is not on his list of Things to Do.


  1. And then Ted will claim more educational expenses that will surprising equal the cost of the Europe trip.
    There are too many people out there who feel they are entitled to just about anything because how can you begrudge them their chance to whatever it is especially if you already had yours. They just seem to have no comprehension of the work and sacrifice it takes to get there.

    1. I know Ted had a job in TV for a while, but the rumor is he lost it because of cocaine or something. I don't know the whole story. But he sure has an entitled rich kid attitude - that why should he work as long as the people around him have money?

    2. He even said once that he does not work for money but to make the world a better place.

      Must be nice not to have to worry about paying the bills.

  2. Goldie, remember a few Weekes back on AAM the commenterms who was offering to sit in on meetings and call out bad meeting behaviour? I think you have a job for them lol.

    1. Kittychick, I love that idea. And I think we could even get people to do it for free just for the pleasure of telling Ted to shut. up.

      I swear I do not understand how he is not punched in the nose daily. He is so obnoxious. I don't make up a single word of what I write here - that really is Ted.


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