Saturday, July 9, 2016

In which Primo and I listen to Ted's voicemail and roll our eyes

It was along the lines of, "Dude! Did you read the email I sent you earlier this week?" only he threw in some Spanish, which Primo does not speak (and I was too busy rolling my eyes to catch and I didn't care to listen to the message again).

It was this forced casual, "Hey! I want more money! Send it now!" with forced joviality, as it appears Ted has recognized that Primo cannot be bullied. Or maybe he is saving that for later? I don't know.

Then there was something about happy Easter, he guessed, only he and TedsWife don't celebrate Easter so whatever. As in, those stupid people who do celebrate Easter. The king is dead, long live the king of disdain for anyone who is so stupid not to be as enlightened as Ted and Sly.

Primo is dreading the showdown, but there are a lot of things that need to happen - Primo needs to finish our taxes, he needs to get the information to the accountant for Sly and Doris' taxes, and he has to campaign for his candidate of choice - before he bothers to send Ted more money. Ted might not be able to fund his IRA with his son's money. Oh. No.


  1. This is why lawyers are not all bad. And can be worth much more than they get paid.

    1. Libby, how much extra do you think a lawyer would charge to deal with Ted? I am thinking at least three times her normal hourly rate. Plus an extra thousand dollars for every time Ted insulted her or screamed at her.

    2. That made me laugh. Have to agree that Ted may be a special case. But I would bet that Ted would back down when he couldn't bully the lawyer.

    3. No, Ted would do what my former uncle did. He would keep firing (or attempting to get new) lawyers in an attempt to find one who told him what he wanted to hear.

      Never mind that he might end up with someone so incompetent that he would ask why an ongoing loan for living expenses now totaling something in the neighborhood of 50k (because the accounts all continued to be frozen as the divorce proceedings entered their 4th year of battle), wasn't listed as an asset in the updated filings...

      - AC


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