Monday, October 10, 2016

In which Primo answers Ted's email far more graciously than Ted deserves, given the not so subtle insults Ted made, and tells me that if Ted even tries to get two of the other nieces and nephew to request as audit as allowed by the trust documents, he will never talk to Ted again, not that I want him to anyhow

Primo wrote,


Yes, funds are forthcoming and you should have checks for the agreed-upon amount by the end of this month, as previously mentioned.

What math do you need to check? I have been through the spreadsheet (attached) that we've used to track Ted'sSon's education expenses -- as well as the documentation you provided -- more than once, and after you receive checks for the "remaining balance" there will be no amount outstanding. Please let me know if you see any mistakes or have additional expenses to submit.

(And then boring stuff about taxes and medical bills)

Me, after reading Primo's email: Wow. You are a lot nicer than I would have been.

Primo: For now.

Me: He is such a jerk. And he has no legal right to know what's in the big trust!

Primo: Nope. I haven't moved any money out of my parents' trust into the kids's trusts yet. There are still some medical bills and some tax stuff. I can't shut that trust down yet.

Me: I guess he could see TedsSon's trust once that's set up because even though TedsSon is 21, Ted is his legal guardian.

Primo: Yes, I think so. But for my parents' trust, three of the four beneficiaries have to demand an accounting.

Me: Which Stephanie and Jack's kids aren't going to do.

Primo: If Ted tries to get them to demand an accounting, I will never talk to him again. I will tell him that our relationship is dead, that any request for disbursement needs to come via certified mail, and that I will be resigning as trustee and he will have to deal with [the lawyer] whom he calls "a junior varsity lawyer."

Me: I don't want you to talk to him again, anyhow.

Primo: I know.


  1. Real name vs blog name in there?

  2. Once Primo's done running he should consider teaching classes on the zen of dealing with entitled douche cannons. Wow, Ted really pushed my buttons with that one.

  3. So, are you telling us that Primo is SO INEPT that he failed to use Excel and had to manually add and subtract in the spreadsheet? Or... perhaps Ted should contact Microsoft and ask them if the automatic calculation features are working correctly. Just a thought...

  4. Such a pompous ass. I need to check your math! Who died and made him boss? Oh wait.

    Bahhh ill never figure u out. I just found ur blog and all the other readers get to see ur bloopers. By the time I read, uve fixed all the slip-ups. No fair.


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